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Integrate Your Background Check Process with Your ATS

Are your recruiters tired of paperwork? Do they complain about manual processes? Do they get frustrated that background check systems don’t communicate with the Applicant Tracking System?

A background check ATS integration solution through Metrodata Services will streamline your processes. Information only needs to be entered one time, and background checks can be completed from the comfort of your ATS dashboard.

With Metrodata Services, you will improve the candidate experience and workflows for your team, saving everyone time and improving accuracy.

What is an ATS Integration?

An ATS integration takes a background check program and “merges” it with an ATS, eliminating the need to use two systems. ATS integrations help save time, reduce errors and eliminate the frustration that happens when an ATS and a background system cannot “talk” to each other.

With Metrodata background check ATS integration, recruiters do not have to leave the ATS to order and complete background checks. Their work is streamlined, the process is simplified and all data is kept and available in one place.

Benefits of Our ATS Integration Solution

Faster Hiring: In a competitive landscape, a long hiring process can cost you candidates. Integrating background screening with your ATS will save your recruiters time and will help streamline the hiring process.

Seamless The Learning Curve: A separate ATS and background check system means new recruiters have to learn both programs. An integrated system streamlines onboarding and training.

Eliminates Manual Data Entry: Not only does manual data entry take time, it also leaves a recruiter vulnerable to making mistakes. When background checks are integrated into an ATS, the information is automatically added to the system.

Reduced Cost Per Hire: Cut administrative costs by centralizing your recruiting operations and eliminating processing fees by integrating background checks with your ATS.

Ready To Learn More?

Metrodata Services can set up background check integrations with most ATS platforms. To start your integration, contact our team of experts today.

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