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Criminal Record Monitoring Services

Criminal record check services are an important part of a thorough hiring process, but are you monitoring those records after employees are hired? Believe it or not, it is possible to hide arrests, lawsuits, court dates and even convictions from employers.

That is why it is so important to go beyond initial criminal record searches and engage in continuous monitoring. Continuous criminal monitoring can alert you of any changes and reduce insider threats. In a competitive market, it is critical to know when an employee is arrested, part of a lawsuit or engaging in alarming financial behaviors. Post-hire issues can include things like fraud, theft, violent behavior, conduct unbecoming of an employee, drug-related activities and more.

Criminal record monitoring is an important tool to help keep your business running smoothly, profitably and ethically.

Looking For A Full-Service Background Check Company?

Partnering with a criminal background check company is important for your hiring process, but if you need ongoing monitoring, it pays to partner with a full-service company that will provide continuous peace of mind. Based in Buffalo, NY, Metrodata Services provides effective ongoing criminal record monitoring services.

Stay focused on growing your business and let Metrodata Services help you handle the legwork of conducting ongoing criminal record monitoring.

For more information on criminal record monitoring in Buffalo, check out our other resources or contact us directly.

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