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[Updated Guide] How Long Does a Background Check Take?

How long does a background check take?

Your company has decided to run pre-employment screening. However, you don’t want this process to slow down hiring. So, how long does a background check take? How Long Does a Background Check Take? Most background checks can be completed in 2 to 7 business days. Yet, keep in mind, several factors influence the exact timeframe.… Read More »

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Employee Drug Testing

Employee Drug Testing in Western New York

For years, many businesses have screened new hires as well as current employees for drug use. However, with the legalization of marijuana in numerous states, many organizations are rethinking their policies. So, what should your company do? Here’s a brief overview of the pros and cons of employee drug testing. What Shows Up on a… Read More »

Question: Where Can I Run a Background Check in Western New York?

Partnering with a Background Screening Vendor

Your company needs to run a background check in Western New York. So, where should you turn? Here’s why over 600 organizations nationwide would recommend Metrodata Services. Why Metrodata Services Is WNY’s Top Screening Provider Outstanding Customer Service Even when you partner with a screening firm, sometimes you’ll have questions. You may not understand all… Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Background Check and a Criminal Record Check?

Difference Between a Background Check and a Criminal Record Check

When businesses screen their employees, they almost always investigate criminal records. So, is that all a background check includes? Or is there a difference between a background check and a criminal record check? Are Background Checks and Criminal Record Checks Different? In most cases, background checks DO differ from criminal record checks! Basically, the phrase… Read More »

Should Small Businesses Conduct the Same Level of Background Checks as Fortune 500 Companies?

Same Level of Background Checks as Fortune 500 Companies for Small Businesses?

You’re a small business owner who’s looking to hire. So, should you conduct the same level of background checks as Fortune 500 companies? Here’s why the answer is YES! Why Are Background Checks Important for Small Businesses? Ultimately, background checks protect organizations regardless of their size. Top benefits include: Improved Hiring Bringing the wrong person… Read More »

Is Academic Verification Critical When Hiring Your Next Team Member?

Is Academic Verification Critical When Hiring Your Next Team Member?

Your company is hiring a new team member. So, is academic verification critical? Depending on the position, it may be a smart idea. What Is Academic Verification? Academic verification confirms a person’s educational credentials. This includes dates of attendance, degrees earned, majors, minors, concentrations, and GPAs. In other words, does someone have the exact education… Read More »

3 Reasons to Partner with Metrodata Services for Your Pre-Employment Screening

Reasons to Partner with Metrodata Services for Your Pre-Employment Screening

Your company would like to run a pre-employment screening in Buffalo and Western New York. So, what’s the best option? Here are three reasons to partner with Metrodata Services Why Partner with Metrodata Services for Pre-Employment Screening? Make Informed Hiring Decisions Unless you’re hiring a friend or family member, you’re inviting a stranger to join… Read More »

Hiring? Consider A Criminal Record Search Before Offering Your Next Candidate A Job!

Criminal Record Searches | Hiring in Western New York

You have an open position, and you’ve found an amazing candidate. So, should you consider running a criminal record search before you hire them? It’s probably a smart idea! Here’s a brief overview of this type of screening. What Does a Criminal Record Search Uncover? Criminal record searches uncover convicted felonies, misdemeanors and infractions as… Read More »

Should You Background Check Differently When Hiring for a Remote Workforce?

Background Checks for Remote Employees | Metrodata Services

Many organizations employ off-site workers, and the COVID pandemic accelerated this trend. So, do you have to background check differently when hiring for a remote workforce? Here’s what you need to know. Do You Need to Background Check Your Remote Workforce? This seems like a fair question. After all, remote workers aren’t in at your… Read More »

Metrodata Services is Thrilled to Announce FRS eClipse

FRS eClipse | Background Screening in Buffalo NY

The same great customer service you’ve come to trust with Metrodata Services, packaged in a brand new exciting look launching November 1, 2021. What is eClipse? eClipse is a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based ordering system that gives you the ability to order and view background searches 24/7. Delivering instant results, advanced data security, and superior usability, eClipse… Read More »

Why Your Organization Can’t Afford to Shortcut Your Next Pre-Employment Background Check

Don't Shortcut Your Background Screening Process | Metrodata Services

You’re hiring and you’re in a hurry. So, do you need to take the time to screen your newest employee? The answer is YES! Here’s why your organization can’t afford to shortcut your next pre-employment background check. Top Reasons NOT to Shortcut Pre-Employment Background Checks You Could Make a Bad Hire Hiring the wrong person… Read More »