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Why You Should Verify a Candidate’s Past Education Before Offering Them a Job

It’s not hard to understand why some job seekers might fabricate their education history on a resume.

After all, some open positions in your company could require a job-related degree, tempting desperate applicants to list levels of education that they have not attained. It is one of the most common misrepresentations on applications and resumes, and it could ultimately cause you to hire an under-qualified candidate for a critical position.

How can you prevent this from happening to your company? An Employment Background Screening that includes education verification will expose these embellishments and improve the overall quality of your hires. It’s up to you to decide the level of education that will be required to perform the duties of the position properly and to state it in your job posting. And then be prepared for some resumes with educational histories that have been “stretched” by candidates who are hoping you won’t check for discrepancies.

What items are verified?

While some educational institutions might need to obtain consent from a candidate before releasing the information, you will eventually be able to verify the following items:

  • The candidate’s degree, diploma, or credential
  • The graduation or completion date
  • The major of the degree
  • The official educational accrediting body

Beware of the diploma mill

Some candidates might have purchased a degree or diploma from companies typically known as diploma mills. While these companies might appear to be institutions of higher learning, they neither have accreditation nor do they require any work to receive the document.

Most of these companies operate under the guise of conferring degrees for life experiences instead of credits when, in fact, the only requirement is a valid credit card for payment. Diploma mills often have names that are similar to legitimate colleges and universities, and it’s not always easy for employers to spot the difference.

Diploma mills are pervasive and constantly changing, which makes it difficult to compile a list of them. However, a background screening can be very helpful in uncovering these illegitimate degrees.

Is this check really necessary?

A recent survey reported that 86 percent of employers who used background screening uncovered lies on candidates’ resumes. Verifying a candidate’s school, program, and degree can remove much of the stress from the hiring process and give you peace of mind in knowing that your next employee has genuine educational qualifications.

Do you need to do education verification in Buffalo?

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