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Why Should Employers Background Check Potential Employees Before They Hire?

When you need to hire to fill a vacancy or grow your business, it can be tempting to “go with your gut” or otherwise rush the hire. But you know the wrong hire can put your business at risk. Employers who take the time to clear candidates with employment screening services safeguard their company and… Read More »

Changing Background Screening Providers? Points Employers Must Consider

Choosing the right screening provider can be a significant decision in safeguarding your firm’s interests and integrity. If your current provider isn’t meeting expectations, it might be time to switch. Consider these factors to identify when and how to make the change.  Signs It’s Time to Change Your Employment Screening Company  Deciding to switch your… Read More »

The Human Touch in Background Checks: Why Personalized Service Matters

Consider a tailor meticulously crafting a bespoke suit, each stitch a testament to the individuality of its wearer. Similarly, in the realm of employment background checks, a personalized approach is not just an added touch – it’s the fabric that holds together a process respectful of both the candidate and the employer. In an era… Read More »

Small Business Focus: Tailoring Background Checks to Your Business Size

In the world of gardening, a small but well-tended plot can yield just as fruitful a harvest as a larger one, given the right care and attention. This analogy extends seamlessly into the realm of small businesses conducting background checks. It’s not about the scale but how effectively you use the resources and tools at… Read More »

Navigating Local Compliance: A Guide to New York Employment Screening Laws

Imagine sailing through the complex waters of New York’s legal system, where each regulation is a buoy guiding you to compliant and effective employment screening. Navigating these waters requires a skilled navigator, aware of every current and undercurrent. In the dynamic world of employment screening, understanding the intricate legal landscape is akin to a captain… Read More »

Diversity and Inclusion in Hiring: How Background Checks Play a Role

In the quest for workplace diversity and inclusion (D&I), every aspect of the hiring process is under scrutiny. Background checks, often seen as a standard step in vetting candidates, play a surprisingly significant role in this endeavor. As Vernā Myers, a diversity consultant, eloquently puts it, “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is… Read More »

Balancing Speed and Accuracy in Background Checks: Tips for Employers

Running a Background Check on an Employee | Metrodata Services

In the fast-paced world of hiring, the adage “time is money” often leads to a race against the clock. However, as Juan Enriquez, a futurist and TED speaker, wisely notes, “Speed does not always equal progress.” This is particularly true in the realm of background checks, where the balance between speed and accuracy is crucial.… Read More »

Understanding the Impact of Criminal Records in Hiring: A Balanced Approach

Improving the Background Screening Process in WNY

Imagine a balance scale, one side laden with the weight of safety and security, the other, the weight of fairness and second chances. In the realm of hiring, particularly concerning applicants with criminal records, employers are like the custodians of this scale, striving to maintain a delicate equilibrium. The issue of considering criminal records in… Read More »

Comprehensive Checks for Healthcare: Ensuring Safe and Compliant Hiring

Just as a surgeon meticulously sterilizes their instruments before an operation, healthcare employers must exercise similar diligence in their hiring processes. In an industry where the stakes are lives and well-being, the importance of thorough background checks cannot be overstated. In the healthcare industry, the significance of comprehensive background checks transcends mere regulatory compliance; it… Read More »

Taking a Closer Look at the Cost of a Bad Hire

What to Look for in a Typical Background Check

Imagine a ship setting sail with a misaligned compass. Though the error might seem minor at first, over time, it leads the vessel miles off course. Similarly, a bad hire, often perceived as a small misstep, can steer an organization far from its intended trajectory, incurring significant costs. The Financial Burden of Misguided Hiring The… Read More »