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The Value Various Screenings Can Have When Researching Prospective Employees

Background Checks in Western New York

When you hire a new person, you don’t simply need to find someone in the moment. You need to find someone you can trust as a long-term member of your team. You need a new hire who will do their work safely, honestly, and with respect for their employer and their co-workers. While it’s tempting… Read More »

What is Included When I Conduct a Background Check on an Employee?

Improving the Background Screening Process in WNY

Employee background checks help employers ensure that their team members comply with the law and with necessary job requirements. This compliance can improve workplace safety, reduce liability, and ensure that the right people hold the right roles for company success. Not every background check contains all types of available information. There are often sound business… Read More »

Why Are Background Checks a Business Best Practice?

Improving Background Screening Process

Most employers know that background checks can provide relevant information about a candidate’s credentials and past behavior. Some employers regularly request background checks, as they frequently fill roles that require a background check. Yet few employers realize that background checks are one of the best practices for any business. Here’s why every company should consider… Read More »

Why Do a Complete Background Check Over an Instant Online Background Check?

Improving Your Background Screening Process

The background check process can feel like a drag on an otherwise smooth and efficient hiring process. To reduce this drag, many companies are tempted to rely on instant background checks, rather than waiting for the results of a comprehensive screening. Here are three reasons that an instant background check may backfire – and cause… Read More »

How Do I Speed Up the Process of a Background Check?

Improving Background Checks

Background checks in Western New York take time, especially when you’re looking for several different types of information. The information a background check reveals can be essential, yet waiting for one can seem to slow down the hiring process – and risk that your top candidate will be hired by another company. Background checks don’t… Read More »

New Hire Background Screening: What is NEEDED and What is OPTIONAL?

You’re bringing on a new employee and wish to conduct a background screening on them. But what things should you be checking for? What’s absolutely necessary and what’s optional?  The answer isn’t as cut-and-dry as you may think. The truth is that companies have a range of choices when it comes to conducting background screenings… Read More »

Question: Will a Misdemeanor Show Up on a Background Check Report?

Companies around Buffalo, NY commonly run criminal record searches as a part of their background check process. But what exactly shows up? Do misdemeanor offenses show up on background checks?  The answer is yes, misdemeanors usually do show up on background screenings – but there are some exceptions.   Infraction Vs. Misdemeanor First, let’s define the… Read More »

What is the Distinction Between a Criminal Record Check and a Background Check?

Most people would assume that a background check includes some kind of criminal check – and they would be correct. But background checks and criminal record checks are not exactly the same. So, what is a criminal record check, and what is a background check? And how are these two types of screenings different?  Let’s… Read More »

How Far Back Does a Standard Background Check Go?

Like many companies in Western New York, you need to run background screenings on the candidates you are interested in hiring. But how far back should you look? And how far back does the standard background check go? It turns out that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on the type of check that’s… Read More »

Why Should You Work With a LOCAL Background Screening Partner Instead of a National One?

Why Should You Work With a LOCAL Background Screening Partner Instead of a National One?

Choosing the right background screening company for your organization’s hiring needs is a big decision. There are a lot of particulars to be considered, from the types of checks available to data privacy concerns and local, state, and federal regulations. So, why should you go with a local background screening partner rather than turning to… Read More »