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Why Should You Work With a LOCAL Background Screening Partner Instead of a National One?

Why Should You Work With a LOCAL Background Screening Partner Instead of a National One?

Choosing the right background screening company for your organization’s hiring needs is a big decision. There are a lot of particulars to be considered, from the types of checks available to data privacy concerns and local, state, and federal regulations. So, why should you go with a local background screening partner rather than turning to… Read More »

Three Elements to Look for When Evaluating Your Background Screening Partner

Three Elements to Look for When Evaluating Your Background Screening Partner

When your company makes a bad hire, it can be costly. It’s generally accepted that the average cost of a bad hiring decision is about 30 percent of the individual’s first-year earnings. So, if you make a bad hire on an employee who was going to make $50,000 a year, your organization might be out… Read More »

Is It Illegal to Run a Background Check on Someone Without Consent?

Is It Illegal to Run a Background Check on Someone Without Consent?

Many companies, as well as other people like landlords who are renting out apartments or homes, need to run background checks on candidates or tenants. It’s a standard part of the employment process for organizations of all shapes and sizes, across various industries. But can employers run a background check on a candidate without the… Read More »

What is Included When I Conduct a Background Check on an Employee?

Running a Background Check on an Employee | Metrodata Services

You know that running background checks on your prospective employees is a good idea. Because even a single bad hire can be very costly for a business, you’ll want to make sure you’re hiring the right person, the first time. But what kind of information will you gain from running the background check? Exactly what… Read More »

What Are the Top Reasons for Employers to Conduct Background Checks?

Should Companies in Western New York Still Drug Test for Marijuana?

Background checks are a common occurrence, yet many employers wonder whether a background check is necessary in all cases. Weighing the benefits and risks of background checks is one way employers can make informed decisions about how to use background check information as part of the hiring process.  Here are some of the most common… Read More »

What Are the Pros and Cons of Deploying a Random Drug Testing Policy In Your Workplace?

Common Red Flags to Look for on a Background Check

Drug testing is a commonplace method of meeting certain legal compliance requirements and of seeking to bolster health and safety in the workplace.  Since the mere knowledge of an upcoming drug test can result in employees altering their behavior, some companies have started drug testing their staff randomly. While a random drug test policy can… Read More »

Metrodata Services is Thrilled to Announce FRS eClipse

FRS eClipse | Background Screening in Buffalo NY

The same great customer service you’ve come to trust with Metrodata Services, packaged in a brand new exciting look launching November 1, 2021. What is eClipse? eClipse is a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based ordering system that gives you the ability to order and view background searches 24/7. Delivering instant results, advanced data security, and superior usability, eClipse… Read More »

Planning for Another Socially Distant Summer in Buffalo, NY? Here’s What You Can Do!

Summer Activities in Buffalo New York

Even with the widespread distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, it may be a while before life returns to normal. In fact, some annual WNY traditions like the Italian Festival already have been canceled for 2021. So, you’ll probably need to plan your summer accordingly. Are you wondering what you CAN do? Here are some tips… Read More »

Fun Things to Do During a Buffalo Winter (While Maintaining Social Distance)

Skiing in Buffalo NY | Buffalo Social Distance Winter Activities

It looks like COVID restrictions will persist throughout the next few months. This presents a challenge for those of us who live in colder climates. Don’t worry Western New York, we’ve got this. Five Fun Things to do During a Buffalo Winter (While Maintaining Social Distance) Ski Most local ski resorts plan to remain open… Read More »

Metrodata Attends 2020 PBSA “Virtual” Annual Conference

To provide our clients with the best possible service, the team at Metrodata Services works diligently to stay up to date on the latest background screening trends. This September, we were thrilled to attend the 2020 Professional Background Screening Association’s (PBSA) Annual Conference. As with so many other recent events, this year’s conference was virtual.… Read More »