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Is Drug Testing Candidates When Hiring Still Acceptable in NY State? And Should Your Company Do It?

There are a growing number employers who are requesting Drug Screening in Buffalo, NY for both employees and candidates. This request (or requirement) is legal as there are no New York state laws that explicitly forbid pre-employment screening. There are, however, certain jobs in the state that require mandatory drug testing:

  • Anyone who will be working as drivers in the school system and public transportation. This testing could be pre-employment, at random during employment, or any time there is reasonable suspicion.
  • Those who will be working as law enforcement and correction officers.
  • Employees and participants in athletic departments to ensure that athletes are not abusing the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

The reasons for mandatory testing in the cases above are clear: the safety of the public and our youth. But why should your business bother with pre-employment drug screening? Is it that important? Consider these reasons and decide for yourself:

Safety for Everyone

Workers who use drugs put others in danger. In addition to harming themselves, they put their co-workers, customers, vendors, and even you at risk. And it’s not just people in the workplace who could be injured. Faulty products made by those under the influence of drugs might endanger consumers, which leads to the next reason for testing.

Avoiding Lawsuits

Screening out drug users could save you from a nasty lawsuit. If anyone is injured because of the actions of one of your workers, your business could be sued. Of course, drug testing won’t guarantee that you’ll never face a lawsuit, but keep in mind that if evidence shows an employee on drugs caused the faulty product that injured your customer, the amount you must pay in damages will likely be doubled or tripled.

Your Reputation

The financial consequences of a lawsuit aren’t your only concern. Your hard-earned good reputation could be permanently damaged very quickly. A report that reveals your workers were using drugs on the job could have a devastating effect on your company’s standing in the industry, causing both customers and investors to flee.

Staying Productive

Even if there are no injuries or faulty products caused by workers on drugs, there is another practical reason to keep drug users out of your workplace: low productivity. The effects of drugs on their brains and bodies usually means that drug-using employees are not functioning at a level conducive to high productivity. And their poor performance can have a negative impact on your good workers.

Helping Your Community

Communities hate drugs in their midst. Smart companies do everything they can to fight the problem. After all, many of the community members could also be their customers. Let the community know you’re pre-screening for drugs, and you’ll show them that your company takes drug abuse seriously.

Do You Need Drug Screening Services in Buffalo?

Metrodata Services Inc. provides drug screening services in Buffalo. We are here to ensure that your company is hiring drug-free workers. Let us help you find that perfect candidate.