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Mitigating Hiring Risk: After Interviewing a Candidate, What 3 Steps Should you take?

You have just finished an interview with a candidate who seems perfect for the position. The individual had obviously researched the company and practiced answers to the typical interview questions, so they arrived well-prepared.Interviewing in Buffalo NY

Their resume and cover letter indicated that they had the necessary skills and experience to fill the job. And they made an excellent impression.

It appears to be a slam-dunk decision to make a job offer. But there is one thing. You don’t know everything you need to know about them just yet. And that means you would be taking an undue risk if you failed to take these final three steps in the hiring process.

Check Educational Credentials

If your candidate claims they have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree, a professional license, or any other educational certification, you need to verify their claims. Make sure you hire a reputable employment screening service to do Academic Verifications in Buffalo, NY. Sometimes candidates will embellish or outright lie about their educational credentials.

These are often not harmless little white lies. Depending on the type of job, you could be held liable for someone who faked a degree, which you failed to confirm, and that employee causes damage to property or injury to others.

So keep your candidates honest and your company out of trouble by ordering an academic verification.

Verify Employment History

Confirming a candidate’s work experience is essential because, just like academic credentials, it’s an area that is often falsified by job seekers. Applicants can have gaps in their employment history for any number of reasons that include maternity leave, a return to school, an attempt to start their own business, or time in jail or prison.

Some of them will cover these gaps by fudging start and end dates rather than trying to explain them. Others may give themselves an inflated title in an attempt to get a higher salary.

Always confirm start-and-end-dates, titles held, salary, and job duties with Employment Verification in Buffalo, NY.

Run a criminal background check

While at face value, the individual in front of you may seem great, there may be more to their story that they are leaving out. Once again, you can avoid a nasty lawsuit for negligent hiring and keep your workplace safe by performing due diligence with a criminal background check.

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