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When Hiring a Contract Employee through the Gig Economy Should You Still Conduct a Thorough Background Check?

Surveys indicate that over three million temporary and contract employees work for staffing companies during an average week. And about 38% of millennials are doing some kind of freelance work. The gig economy is growing and enticing other background checks in Buffalo NYgenerations to join it.

There is a lot of good news in these statistics. These freelance workers provide businesses with flexibility and save them money on the hiring costs of traditional in-house workers. But how can companies be sure that these workers have all the qualifications that they claim? And how do you know the safety of your employees and customers won’t be compromised by these contract workers?

Companies will Begin to Take a More Thorough Approach 

In the past, businesses took a more laid-back attitude toward freelance and remote workers:

  • Comprehensive background checks were limited to full-time workers
  • Part-timers were given a shorter version of a screening
  • Contract workers got practically no screening

Today, businesses are starting to realize the importance of conducting background screening for their freelancers. And as the gig economy expands, employers will be compelled to conduct complete background screenings on contract workers. These checks will include criminal history checks and education assessments, becoming even more comprehensive as the gig economy grows.

Here are some suggestions for employers considering contract workers:

Make Sure You Get References

If you were hiring a traditional employee, you would not hesitate to ask for references, so there is no reason not to require them from a freelancer. It’s one of the best methods for establishing a contract worker’s credibility. Just be sure to follow through and contact the references and ask them questions, especially about the candidate’s reliability.

Run a Background Check

Yes, you’ll be increasing the cost of onboarding a contract worker a bit by doing this, but it’s well worth it. After all, you might be entrusting this person with sensitive company information that could include a client list. You also want to be sure they are reliable, so it doesn’t make sense not to order a background check.

New research shows that 86% of companies require background checks for remote workers. If you’re thinking about hiring a remote or contract worker to take on some extra work, treat them the same as you would a permanent full-time hire and order a comprehensive background check.

Are You Hiring Contract Workers in Buffalo?

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