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While Technology Can Help You Source Candidates, It Still Pays to do a Thorough Background Check

Technology is a wonderful tool for sourcing your candidates. Time-consuming manual tasks are now being done by recruitment automation software, which can take your job requirements and find resumes to match them. The work of grading, ranking, and Conducting a Background Check in Western New Yorkshortlisting are being accomplished automatically, and the entire process is now much faster.

The same technology that allows you to find qualified candidates quickly also makes it possible to reply to them, acknowledging their application and informing them of the next steps in the process. The software can even personalize each email response by auto-filling the applicant’s name and other details.

While software can swiftly and efficiently get you to the most qualified candidates, it can’t tell you which ones will be right for your company. People are complicated and have many sides, along with different strengths and weaknesses. And only a thorough background check will reveal them.

Which Companies Should Conduct a Background Check?

The short answer to this question is just about every company.

That’s because the employee screening process is customizable. Depending on what your organization does, the position for which you’re hiring, and what you want to find out, a background check can be adapted to suit your business.

Here are a few examples:

  • Any job in which the candidate works with children
  • Any position that requires specialized certifications or licenses
  • Areas in which candidates will have access to sensitive financial and personal information

These are just the most obvious examples. The list of jobs that should have background checks is practically endless.

What is Included in a Background Check?

Employment verification: You don’t want to bring someone onboard who lied about their employment history and is not qualified for the job.

Criminal records history: A criminal background check allows you to maintain a workplace that’s safe for you, your workers, customers, and vendors.

Credit check: You need to be able to trust your employees to handle assets and cash accounts. A credit background check will show if there are any potential risks in this area.

Education verification: Almost one-third of all applicants exaggerate their educational background. Education verification will ensure you’re not hiring someone with a fake degree or an embellished educational background.

Licensing verification: As with their education, candidates might lie about their credentials and licenses. And because an unlicensed employee could cause you legal problems, this is a necessary check.

Driving record: Even if this position doesn’t require driving, you should know if your application has a valid driver’s license or a history of accidents, violations, or driving under the influence (DUI).

Identity and address: It’s essential to eliminate all doubt about the identity of your candidates before you make an offer.

Drug screening: Pre-employment drug screening protects your reputation and the safety of your workers.

Do You Need to Have a Comprehensive Background Check Completed in Buffalo, NY?

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