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How Long Does a Federal Background Check Take?

Whether you’re an employer, landlord, or anyone else who needs to conduct a background check, you want to choose the right one for your needs. A federal background check is one possibility. As the name suggests, it is a check that occurs on the federal or national level – but what does this mean, exactly?… Read More »

Do Pending Charges Show When Running a Background Check on an Employee?

Do Pending Charges Show on Background Checks?

You’re conducting a criminal record search on one of your employees. Of course, you expect convictions to appear. So, is that all? Or do pending charges show too? What Is a Pending Charge? A pending charge still is under review. In most criminal situations, there is an arrest and then a charge. However, with a… Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Background Check and a Criminal Record Check?

Difference Between a Background Check and a Criminal Record Check

When businesses screen their employees, they almost always investigate criminal records. So, is that all a background check includes? Or is there a difference between a background check and a criminal record check? Are Background Checks and Criminal Record Checks Different? In most cases, background checks DO differ from criminal record checks! Basically, the phrase… Read More »

Question: How Do I Conduct A Background Check on Someone?

Background Checks in Buffalo New York

You’re interested in running background checks in Western New York. So, where should you start? Follow these five steps to successfully (and legally) conduct a background check on someone. How to Conduct a Background Check Know the Rules Let’s say you want to find out more about a new hire, a current employee or tenant.… Read More »