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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Hiring: Opportunities and Challenges

Is It Illegal to Run a Background Check on Someone Without Consent?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in the news a lot recently, especially since the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform. And while forms of AI have been around in the HR and recruiting worlds for some time, we are entering a new era in terms of what this technology can do – and how it might… Read More »

What Do People Look for in a Typical Background Check?

What to Look for in a Typical Background Check

Your company screens employees because you know this is a smart business practice. So, what should you look for in a typical background check? Here’s how to interpret the results. What to Look for in a Typical Background Check Discrepancies At their most basic level, background checks are meant to verify information. Is your new… Read More »

Should Small Businesses Conduct the Same Level of Background Checks as Fortune 500 Companies?

Same Level of Background Checks as Fortune 500 Companies for Small Businesses?

You’re a small business owner who’s looking to hire. So, should you conduct the same level of background checks as Fortune 500 companies? Here’s why the answer is YES! Why Are Background Checks Important for Small Businesses? Ultimately, background checks protect organizations regardless of their size. Top benefits include: Improved Hiring Bringing the wrong person… Read More »

Question: How Far Back Do Background Checks Go?

background checks in buffalo ny

Your company knows it’s a good practice to conduct pre-employment screenings as part of your hiring process. However, should a poor decision someone made years ago hurt their chances of landing a job? Or is there a limit on how far back background checks go? Unfortunately, the answer to this question isn’t straightforward. Usually, background… Read More »

What Information Do You Need to Tell an Applicant BEFORE Running A Background Check on Them?

background checks in buffalo new york

Your company is conducting background checks in Western NY. So, should you let your candidates know about your plans? The answer is YES! Here’s what an applicant needs to know before you screen them. What to Tell Applicants BEFORE Running Background Checks… You Will Be Conducting a Background Check The federal government regulates background checks… Read More »

What Exactly Will a Background Check Tell Me If I Partner with You?

Background Checks in Buffalo New York

Your company has decided to run background checks on your employees in Western New York. That seems like a good plan. However, you may be wondering, “What exactly will a background check tell me?” Usually, the phrase background check is used broadly. While in reality, you’ll receive different information depending on the types of screenings… Read More »