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Should Small Businesses Conduct the Same Level of Background Checks as Fortune 500 Companies?

Same Level of Background Checks as Fortune 500 Companies for Small Businesses?

You’re a small business owner who’s looking to hire. So, should you conduct the same level of background checks as Fortune 500 companies? Here’s why the answer is YES! Why Are Background Checks Important for Small Businesses? Ultimately, background checks protect organizations regardless of their size. Top benefits include: Improved Hiring Bringing the wrong person… Read More »

Hiring? Consider A Criminal Record Search Before Offering Your Next Candidate A Job!

Criminal Record Searches | Hiring in Western New York

You have an open position, and you’ve found an amazing candidate. So, should you consider running a criminal record search before you hire them? It’s probably a smart idea! Here’s a brief overview of this type of screening. What Does a Criminal Record Search Uncover? Criminal record searches uncover convicted felonies, misdemeanors and infractions as… Read More »