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What is Included When I Conduct a Background Check on an Employee?

Running a Background Check on an Employee | Metrodata Services

You know that running background checks on your prospective employees is a good idea. Because even a single bad hire can be very costly for a business, you’ll want to make sure you’re hiring the right person, the first time. But what kind of information will you gain from running the background check? Exactly what… Read More »

Minimize Your Company’s Risk Through Background Checks

Minimize Company Risk through Background Checks

Hiring is risky. After all, bringing the wrong person into your organization could do an enormous amount of damage. So, you what can you do to minimize your risk? Learn how running background checks with a pre-employment screening company in Buffalo, NY can help to protect your organization.  Identify Potentially Dangerous Behavior  Would you employ a delivery driver with multiple DWIs? Or, would you hire a home care aid recently convicted of grand larceny? Probably not… unless you didn’t… Read More »