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New Hire Background Screening: What is NEEDED and What is OPTIONAL?

You’re bringing on a new employee and wish to conduct a background screening on them. But what things should you be checking for? What’s absolutely necessary and what’s optional?  The answer isn’t as cut-and-dry as you may think. The truth is that companies have a range of choices when it comes to conducting background screenings… Read More »

Question: Will a Misdemeanor Show Up on a Background Check Report?

Companies around Buffalo, NY commonly run criminal record searches as a part of their background check process. But what exactly shows up? Do misdemeanor offenses show up on background checks?  The answer is yes, misdemeanors usually do show up on background screenings – but there are some exceptions.   Infraction Vs. Misdemeanor First, let’s define the… Read More »

What Steps Should You Take Before Conducting a Background Check on a Potential Hire?

Conducting Background Checks in Western New York | Metrodata Services

You’re in the process of adding a new employee to your team in WNY, but first, you need to screen them. So, what steps should you take before conducting a background check on a potential hire? Here’s a brief overview. Before Conducting a Background Check, You Should… Have a Policy in Place Without a company-wide… Read More »