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Are Your Candidates Lying in an Interview? Previous Employment Cerification Can Help Expose the Truth!

She seems to be everything you’ve been looking for in a candidate for your office opening. Her resume is well-organized and comprehensive. Her experience is what you need right now, and she said all the right things in her interview.

You’re so impressed with this young lady that you dismiss any notions of checking with any of her previous employers. Why waste time? She’s a perfect fit, so you offer her the job.

Critical mistake? Yes, it could be! In this instance, a previous employment verification would have provided some startling statistics about her. When you asked her during the interview why she left her most recent job, she said she left for a better one. One phone call could have revealed the truth–she was let go.

She was fired in mid-June, and by that point in the calendar year she had been late thirty times and had not shown up at all another twelve days. This troubling information would have cast her in a much different light. First of all, she is apparently unreliable and, more important, you would have known she lied to you.

Don’t be Fooled by a Smooth-Talking Applicant

According to a recent survey conducted by several hiring agencies, there was a twenty-seven percent discrepancy rate in employment histories in The United States. This figure is based on nearly 300,000 employment verifications.

Candidates will lie about their previous salary so they can bargain for higher pay with their new employer. Another survey finds that 38 percent of applicants have embellished their job responsibilities during their interview. Others lie about their education, some going as far as listing a university that doesn’t even exist.

Find Out Why There are Gaps in the Applicant’s Employment History

Some candidates may have gaps in their work history for a variety of reasons. Others just hide them. If you question the differences, you may get a vague answer that’s covering up a larger issue. Keep in mind that any gaps in the history might be due to anything from maternity leave (understandable) to time spent in prison for manslaughter (undesirable).

Some candidates will try to cover these gaps by fudging the job’s start and end dates. Others will ignore dates and stick to years only. “I worked at this job from 2012-2013” sounds like a full two years, when in reality the candidate worked there from November 15, 2012, to January 15, 2013—a span of two months rather than two years.

Make Sure You Get What You’re Paying For

When a candidate lies during an interview, you might end up paying more than that person is worth. A previous employment verification is a must as part of pre-employment screening in Buffalo. It leaves nothing to chance and exposes any lies that the applicant might have told during the interview.

Need Previous Employment Verification in Buffalo?

Metrodata Services Inc. is one of the leading pre-employment screening firms in Buffalo. We are here to confirm that your candidate’s work history is accurate. We will help you make the best possible hiring decision.