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Five Reasons Every Employer in Buffalo Should Conduct a Criminal Background Check During the Hiring Process

You’ve got an open position that needs to be filled, so you start the ball rolling.

You publish the job on your website or on the e Buffalo News, sort through the applications, pick the most qualified, possibly do a phone interview, and complete the process with a face-to-face meeting. You’re ready to hire.

Or are you?

One key element of the screening process is missing from your checklist: a criminal background check. You might be wondering why you would need to go through a background check when you’re not hiring into the type of industry that typically requires it.

Believe it or not, there are many legitimate reasons to do a background check as part of your pre-employment screening in Buffalo, no matter what industry your business happens to fall into. The right employees are essential to your company’s success. Here are the top five reasons that this important step in the hiring process can help you get the best workers.

It Gives You a Clearer Picture of the Applicant

Most candidates show their best side at an interview. It could be genuine or just a good performance. Your ability to judge what kind of person is sitting across from you could be clouded by the candidate’s acting ability.  Running a background check can cut through much of the façade and give you a much clearer picture of the person you are considering for your company.

It Can Avoid Liability by Showing Due Diligence

Suppose you unsuspectingly hire someone with a history of sexual harassment in the workplace. Somewhere down the road, you could be facing an assault or sexual harassment lawsuit that could ruin your business. By running a criminal background check on potential employees, you protect your staff, avoid expensive legal problems, and give yourself peace of mind.

It Provides a Safer Work Environment

Sometimes a violent criminal is lurking behind that friendly demeanor at the job interview. Without checking, you might hire someone who is untrustworthy, undependable, or outright dangerous. If you would unknowingly hire a sexual predator, for instance, you could be putting your customers and your employees at risk. The pre-employment background checks will flag any convictions for violence and avoid an unsafe workplace.

It Saves Money by Reducing Turnover

When you run background checks and hire the right employees the first time around, you can decrease turnover and avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of hiring new employees to replace those who didn’t work out. You want to be as thorough as possible initially so that you hire the right person. Proper screenings can lead you to that person and save money for your company.

It Helps You to Avoid Negative Publicity

Your business’s reputation could be damaged by the actions of one of your employees. That sexual harassment lawsuit, for example, will not only hurt you financially but could be a crushing blow to your company’s reputation. Remember, it can take years to build your good name but only minutes to ruin it. Protect it with a criminal background check.

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