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Are You Growing Your Team this Fall? Make Sure You Conduct a National Criminal Records Search!

You might already know all the benefits of ordering a background check, but let’s reiterate, anyway:

  • It confirms that your candidates are telling the truth on their resume, application, and during an interview.
  • It helps to reduce the risk of workplace violence and unsafe conditions by identifying potential employees who had harmed others during previous employment and could be said to have a “propensity for ”
  • It corroborates that employees in sensitive positions—financial managers, IT, and human resources, for example—are trustworthy.
  • It gives you reassurance that you can trust an employee around clients who might be vulnerable.

Make Sure Your Background Check is Comprehensive

There are components of a criminal background check that will provide you with an extensive background search. So, when you are growing your team this fall, the National Criminal Database Search is strongly recommended as part of your background screening package. You should include a National Criminal Records Search because it casts a much wider net that will often catch criminal records in counties or states where the applicant has never lived.

What Does the Search Cover?

One search can uncover more than 300 million criminal records from counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC) and state sex offender registries covering all 50 states and Washington, DC. You’ll also receive information from national and international terrorism sources, sex offender photos, and a database of previously completed reports. It should be part of Pre-Employment Vetting in Buffalo and all surrounding areas.

Can It Be Used as a Stand-Alone Search?

When conducting the National Criminal Records Search as a stand-alone item, you may miss criminal records at some point. One concern with this search is that it is limited in the intelligence that is reported. The source information for each state will differ. Some states only provide the sex offender registry while others include all criminal cases filed through the state’s Administrative Office of Courts. So while the majority of states deliver good sources, others are more limited. It’s best to rely on the search as a safety net that’s part of a complete background check.

Is a National Criminal Records Search the Same as a Federal Criminal Search?

Although it sounds like they would be the same type of search, they are different.

While the national search offers a broad range of information from across the country, the federal search looks for federal crimes or crimes committed on federal property. These are crimes that would probably not be shared with other sources. Most of these federal criminal records pertain to the higher-level, white-collar crimes.

Need to do a National Criminal Records Search in Buffalo?

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