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Why October Is the Perfect Time to Start Thinking About 2019 And Your Goals

October may seem a bit early to start making New Year’s resolutions. However, goal setting earlier in the calendar year offers numerous advantages over the traditional January 1st date.

Beat the Winter Blues

As you know, winter in Buffalo isn’t the most inspiring time of year to tackle new plans. The weather is colder, the days are shorter, and many of us still are recovering from the holidays. Fall, on the other hand, offers crisp, clear, sunny days wonderful for reflection. And, the momentum of November and December can help to push those ideas into action.

Reflect on the Past Year More Accurately

Although the holidays offer a welcome break, vacations, parties with family and friends and late nights throw-off regular every day routines. While re-grouping in early January, it’s easy to become forgetful and to lose focus. As the tenth month on the calendar, October provides a better vantage point. We can analyze what is going well, what needs work and what should be a top priority in the upcoming year.

Jump into Quarterly Goals

Sometimes we set goals and fail to accomplish them. Often, these targets are too big and too overwhelming. The beginning of the fourth quarter is a good chance to begin breaking down lofty aspirations into smarter parts. If many of your goals are long-term, consider splitting them into short-term or quarterly objectives. The fourth quarter of 2018 is a perfect time to start!

In addition, be sure to define SMART goals, or targets that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. For example, “Increase profits” is tricky to track. How much? By when? Whereas, “Increase net profits by 10% before December 31, 2019,” meets the requirements of a SMART goal. Finally, breaking this target into smaller pieces, and keeping those objectives SMART too, can further help to ensure success.

What’s on your company’s list of goals for 2019?

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