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How Can I Get Access to A Thorough Criminal Background Check When Hiring In Buffalo?

Some industries require criminal background checks by law. Other companies choose to run CBCs to show their commitment to the safety and well-being of their organization. Criminal Background Check | Hiring In Buffalo

If your company is looking to conduct a criminal background check in Buffalo, New York, you may not know where to start. Here are tips to find the best solution for your needs.

Hiring a Company

Pre-employment screening services offer comprehensive background checks to assist with hiring decisions. In addition to criminal background checks, they may provide sex-offender status searches, credit report checks and employment verifications. These companies conduct research through online databases, as well as by visiting courthouses and by contacting past employers.


Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant
Offer professional and reliable results


Costs range from $50 to $100 per report
Reporting may take several days

DIY Websites

Online background check websites are simple to use, but many have specific language in their term of uses stating they are not appropriate for pre-employment screening. According to Sean Bigley, an attorney whose law practice focuses entirely on background investigation issues, “businesses that use do-it-yourself websites for pre-employment background checks do so at their own risk.” (Business News Daily, 2018)


Costs range from $10 to $50 per report
Provide instant results


Not Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant
Reports may be inaccurate and incomplete

Questions to Ask Providers

Do you comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act?
The FCRA sets the rules and regulations for background checks. For example, a job candidate must consent to the background check and have the opportunity review the results. Using a service that doesn’t follow the law could leave your business open to lawsuits by applicants and to fines from government agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

What services do you offer?

Different companies provide various levels of screening. Find a provider who can locate all the data you need to feel well-informed when you hire.

How long does it take to get results?

No one wants to lose a quality candidate because they were waiting for a background check. Thorough results may take a few days to compile. However, you should know an approximate timeline.

Where can I view the reports?

Many companies use a cloud-based system so employers can request and review background checks online. Also, make sure reports are clear and easy to read.

What is the cost?

Reputable background checks take time and cost money. Shop around to find a vendor who provides great service at a fair price.

Are you accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners?
NAPBS accreditation is a seal of approval showing a provider’s commitment to high professional standards, accountability and continued institutional improvement. Companies must renew their accreditation every five years through a series of rigorous on-site audits by an independent third-party.

Are you looking for more information on conducting a thorough and trustworthy criminal background check?

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