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Does Your Background Screening Program Meet Your Hiring Needs?

Your company knows background checks are important but have you reevaluated your program lately? Do your screening procedures support or hurt your hiring process?     Improving Background Screening Process | Metrodata Services Inc

Whether you are completing background checks in-house or partnering with an employment screening firm in Buffalo, NY, use these questions to assess the effectiveness of your current plan.

Are You Getting All the Information You Need?

Background screening options range from criminal record searches to motor vehicle record searches to academic and professional license verifications. Although for some industries a basic check is enough, other organizations may want more in-depth information. For example, if the law requires your employees to hold specific licenses or certificates, you should verify their credentials. Or, if you are hiring someone who will have financial responsibilities, a credit report will help to establish their reliability and trustworthiness.

Are You Paying for Services That Aren’t Necessary?

Some pre-employment screening companies offer one size fits all comprehensive packages. However, the amount of data and the price tag may be over the top. Look for a vendor who can tailor a package that works best for your company.

Is the Information Accurate and Complete?

In today’s world people move around frequently, so companies must cast a wider net to uncover criminal records in other areas. Make sure your provider uses national and global searches as well as broad database searches. And, ask about National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) This industry seal of approval shows a commitment to excellence, accountability and high professional standards.

Are You Following Federal, State and County Laws?

The national Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) governs most types of background checks, but depending on state or region, other laws may apply. Failure to follow any requirements could result in fines and legal troubles. Before running a background check consult with a lawyer and/ or question your vendor about the policies needed to stay complaint with the law.

Does the Process Take Too Long?

If a background check drags on for weeks, your organization may lose a promising candidate. On the other hand, if a background check is complete within an hour or two it probably isn’t fully accurate. Typically, basic screening procedures take between one to five days. Your provider should be able to provide a ballpark number, so you and your applicants know the timeframe.

Are the Results Easy to Read?

Once the background check is complete, you need to have easy access to the information. And, sometimes the amount of data can be overwhelming. Preview online user interfaces to make sure they are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Also, research customer satisfaction ratings, so if you do run into glitches you will have the level of support you expect.

Could Your Organization Use Help with Background Checks?

Metrodata Services is the leading employment screening firm in Western New York. We are NAPBS accredited, and we work closely with our clients to design custom packages and to offer exceptional customer support. Learn more about the Services We Offer or Contact Us today!