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Are You Using Current Compliance Documents?

If you are running a background screening in Buffalo, NY, correct documentation is crucial. Under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), businesses must inform employees and Compliance Documentation in Buffalo NYapplicants of multiple processes and actions in writing. And, additional state and county regulations may apply.

What can your company do to ensure your forms, letters and notices are compliant?

Ask an Expert

The rules for background checks are complex and ever-changing. Unless you have a professional dedicated to screening on your staff, your organization may find it difficult to keep on top of the paperwork. Nevertheless, the responsibility for making sure all documentation is current, accurate and comprehensive falls on individual companies. If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to seek out advice from a professional. Pre-employment screening services are a great resource. Look for those with the industry NAPBS seal of approval. Finally, whether you are working with a screening company or on your own, asking a lawyer to check or double-check all your documents also is a smart idea.

Design User-Friendly Forms

This may seem like a tall order. After all, background checks are complicated. However, as much as possible, design intuitive and easy to complete forms. If your employees and applicants are consistently misinterpreting your letters and filling out forms incorrectly, this may very well lead to headaches now and legal issues down the road.

Make Materials Easily Accessible

FCRA regulations require the applicant to be informed. Documentation must be clear, in writing and in a stand-alone format. For example, people may overlook or miss a background screening letter included in a pile with other application materials. Be sure to familiarize your employees and applicants with any paperwork and provide multiple formats, both written and online versions if applicable. Once again, double-check with a legal advisor as well as IT support concerning security issues and privacy laws.

Create Adaptable Documentation

Rules and regulations change, and no one wants to re-create forms, letters and/or notices from scratch every time. Of course, despite your best efforts, some revisions will be more involved than others, but try to write documentation that is agile and easy to update. This will save time and encourage your organization to keep everything up to date.

Are Your Background Screening Documents Compliant?

If you don’t know, give Metrodata Services a call. We can help you identify the documentation you need and evaluate your current forms, letters and notices. Contact Us today to learn more!