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Three Reasons to Conduct Employment Eligibility Verification Before Hiring an Individual

Your company knows you probably should run employment eligibility verification. But, is it necessary? In most cases, the answer is YES. Doubling checking a candidate’s credentials allows you to catch and avoid potential problems before hiring.

Employment verification in Buffalo, NY confirms dates of employment, job titles, professional responsibilities, salary information and reasons for termination. Prospective employers also may ask former employers about a worker’s performance and potential rehire. So why is this information important?

Keep Your Customers and Your Company Safe

Certain jobs require certain qualifications. Hiring a teacher, a nurse, an accountant or a business manager without the necessary experience could be dangerous for both your customers and your organization. And unfortunately, some people will embellish their applications to get the job they want. For example, Jeffrey Papows, former president of IBM’s software maker Lotus Development, claimed he was pilot when he actually was an air traffic controller. Make sure the person you are adding to your team has the exact skill set they claim to have.

Avoid Bad Hires

According to a 2017 benchmark report, 85 percent of employers caught applicants fibbing on their resumes! People lie for a variety of reasons. They may be covering up an employment gap or trying to make their resume look more remarkable. Sometimes, people give the impression they were earning more money so they can request a higher salary. Not only will these actions damage your company, but also, you’ve (unknowingly) invited a dishonest and unreliable person to join your team. When the truth comes out, you’ll have to deal with the consequences. And, this can be expensive, disruptive and demoralizing.

Protect Your Reputation

Hiring scandals make companies look irresponsible. After all, these businesses didn’t even take the time to properly vet their employees. Where else are they dropping the ball? You may think this could never happen to you. But several organizations, including Walmart, Bausch & Lomb and The University of Notre Dame, have had prominent figures caught in embarrassing resume lies. Show your organization adheres to high standards by running appropriate pre- and post-employment background screenings.

Does Your Company Need Help with Employment Verifications?

At Metrodata Services, we understand verifying employment history is a time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating, process. However, our professionals can get you the information you need quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on making the right hiring decisions. Learn more about how our employment verifications services can benefit your organization today!


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