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Should I Check for License Verification for Candidates in Buffalo, NY?

License Verification in Buffalo New York

Your company is planning to run pre-employment screening in Buffalo, New YorkHow comprehensive do you need to be? For example, should you check for professional license verificationThe correct answer depends. 

When Should I Check for License Verification? 

Organizations should verify professional licenses anytime a position requires certification. These jobs may include doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, financial professionals, land surveyors, building contractors, plumbers, electricians, cosmetologists, counselors, and therapists. Licensing helps to ensure these professionals have the necessary experience, knowledge, and ethical standardsBy double-checking a candidate’s credentialsyour company can increase overall public safety and avoid negligent hiring claims. 

Why Can’t I Simply Ask the Candidate for a Copy of Their License? 

Most candidates will have a paper copy of their license. So, why isn’t this enough? Unfortunately, licenses can be easy to forge. In fact, much of Frank Abagnale’s fraudulent activity, recreated in the movie Catch Me If You Can, was possible because of his ability to create fake documentation. Plus, even if a paper copy is legitimate, this only tells you the candidate earned the license at one time. You have no idea if their certification has since been revoked or suspended.       

How Do I Run a License Verification? 

To check for the validity of a license, your organization must contact the issuing agency or board. This is known as primary source verification. If you are working with a background screening company, they can complete this process for you and assist you in interpreting the results. 

What Does a License Verification Include? 

License verification will include the licensee’s name, the issue, and expiration dates and whether the license is active and in good standing. However, keep in mind, reporting varies by state. For instance, some states will inform you only if a license has been suspended or restricted while others provide more detailed reports.    

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