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Forecasting Q3 in WNY: How Businesses Plan to Reopen Effectively

Plans for WNY Businesses to Reopen

As the WNY community attempts to return to normal, companies are forecasting for the future. But since Coronavirus doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, organizations need sustainable strategies. Here’s how businesses plan to reopen effectively in Q3 and beyond.

By Implementing Appropriate Safety Measures

Ultimately, companies have a responsibility to keep their employees and their customers safe. Of course, when it comes to reopening during COVID-19, they’ll need to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines as well as state and local rules. These standards could include limiting the number of people on-site, requiring masks, providing universal screening, and increasing sanitizing efforts. However, business may also need to apply additional rules that make sense for them. For example, a restaurant should require more stringent cleaning regulations than a bank.

By Creating Backup Plans

Reopening during the Coronavirus pandemic means uncertainty. Even after months, the virus is presenting more questions than answers. Therefore, every organization must ask, “What if…?” What if… there is a second wave?  What if… nonessential businesses must shut down again? Although these thoughts are unpleasant, it’s important for companies to explore the possibilities rather than to find themselves caught off guard.

By Integrating New Ideas

According to a recent Metrodata Services survey*, over 60% of the organizations polled said they needed to make changes in their operations during the COVID-19 crisis. This may have resulted in closing completely, reducing hours and/or moving workers offsite. Certainly, some of the most successful companies during the pandemic have been the innovators. These are the corporations that set up a remote workforce, the restaurants that offered pickup and delivery, and the gyms that switched over to online classes. Even though these changes weren’t ideal, in some cases, they uncovered new and possibly better ways of doing business. For instance, some customers found pickup more convenient than in-store shopping while some employers discovered their workforce was more productive when working from home. Rather than an inconvenience, organizations should view this situation as an opportunity to experiment with and improve upon their business model.

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