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How Should You Vet and Select a Background Check Company in Western New York?

Background Check Companies in Western New York

Your business wants to screen employees, but you’ll need help. So, how do you find the right provider? Use these guidelines to vet and select a background check company in Western New York.

Tips for Choosing a Background Check Company

Look for PBSA Accreditation

The Professional Background Screening Association or PBSA is a national organization that establishes performance standards for the screening industry. PBSA accreditation is only awarded to those background screening companies who successfully complete a rigorous set of audits every five years. As a result, this seal of approval ensures you are working with the best in the business. To find out if your potential screening partner qualifies, search the PBSA Accredited Firms Directory.

Examine Screening Options

Although many people equate screening with criminal record checks, the process can be much more involved. Background checks may consist of everything from motor vehicle record searches to credit checks to employment verification. Depending on your business and the type of employee, you may require more (or less) comprehensive screening options. Explore what different vendors have to offer. Most provide various screening levels and price points, whereas others develop customized packages based on your specific needs.

Consider Technology

In today’s high-tech world, you want easy-to-access information. Therefore, ask about online portals, real-time reporting and ATS integration. In addition, consider the candidate/employee experience. Are consent forms easy-to-use and available online? Your potential vendors should be able to provide a demo, so you can see their products in action.

Evaluate Customer Service

If a background check comes back clean, you’re all set. However, what if there’s an issue? Will your screening vendor hand you the report and disappear? Or do they coach you through problems? Investigate the extent of their customer support including hours of availability and services provided at no additional charge.

Request References

Of course, every background check company will highlight their top selling points. After all, they want your business. Yet, to discover how they truly measure up, you’ll want to talk to other organizations who utilize their services. This gives you a better idea of their real-life performance. Many providers list clients on their website, or you could directly ask for references. Keep in mind, these referrals are more likely to give positive reviews. Nevertheless, they still should provide valuable insights.

Are You Searching for a Top Background Check Company in Western New York?

Metrodata Services offers employment screening services in Buffalo and beyond. As a PBSA-accredited vendor, we offer customizable background check packages, online portals and exceptional customer support. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with Metrodata today!

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