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Why Should You Work With a LOCAL Background Screening Partner Instead of a National One?

Why Should You Work With a LOCAL Background Screening Partner Instead of a National One?

Choosing the right background screening company for your organization’s hiring needs is a big decision. There are a lot of particulars to be considered, from the types of checks available to data privacy concerns and local, state, and federal regulations. So, why should you go with a local background screening partner rather than turning to one of the national corporations?

Here are just three of the many reasons to trust your local screening partner:

You’ll get better service.

When you partner with a local firm, you’ll likely have one point of contact with the company, someone who lives and works in the same community as you. You’ll develop a relationship with the company, and they’ll take the time to truly understand your concerns and your needs as it relates to background screenings. That kind of high-touch, personalized service just can’t be matched by the large, nationwide providers. And when it comes to something as sensitive as background checks and employment screenings, you want someone you know you can trust.

The provider will be well-versed in local regulations.

When conducting background checks, certain screenings are run through the local county court system or other local institutions. Your local provider will no doubt be familiar with the regulations in your local municipality, as well as state and federal regulations. The larger providers can’t know everything about the small counties throughout the country, so it’s more likely something will get missed. Partnering with a local screening provider ensures you don’t run afoul of any regulations in your local municipality while running background checks.

You’ll find a trusted partner for the future.

The large screening providers operate on a transactional basis. You need background checks run, they provide them, and that’s the end of the process. When you work with a local screening partner, you’re getting more than a one-time service. You’re getting a partner in your hiring process, a company that can help advise you how to use the data you’re given, a confidant for your future hiring needs.

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