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Why Are Background Checks a Business Best Practice?

Improving Background Screening Process

Most employers know that background checks can provide relevant information about a candidate’s credentials and past behavior. Some employers regularly request background checks, as they frequently fill roles that require a background check.

Yet few employers realize that background checks are one of the best practices for any business. Here’s why every company should consider using background checks.

Background checks improve workplace safety.

A background check can reveal an applicant’s history, including both criminal activity and involvement in civil claims.

While not all criminal records indicate a history of violence, some charges and convictions do indicate that a person may struggle with managing their emotions or behavior in a healthy way. Similarly, a history of being a defendant in multiple accident or injury claims may indicate that a worker is prone to negligence. This information can help hiring managers keep the workplace safer.

Background checks help protect businesses against liability.

If a driver for your company gets into a traffic accident, who is at fault? This question is the top issue in any civil liability case that results from that accident.

A proper background check can help protect a business from liability by ensuring that your hiring teams make informed decisions. For instance, a background check might reveal that a candidate for a driving position has multiple prior convictions for drunk driving. With that information, your team can avoid making the hire – without it, your company could be held liable if the driver later causes an on the job crash while under the influence.

Background checks support the hiring of the best available candidate.

Candidates know that job applications are a sales pitch. As such, they may mischaracterize their past work or credentials.

A background check can reveal whether a candidate has actually done the work or earned the credentials they claim to have earned. With this verification in hand, hiring teams can extend job offers with confidence.

At Metrodata Services, we focus on providing clear, accurate background check information, so that our clients can focus on hiring the best available candidate – and on exercising best business practices. Contact us today to learn more.

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