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Do Citations Show Up on Background Checks

Showing Citations on Background Check

If you’re hiring for a job requiring driving, you may be wondering how to determine whether your candidates can be trusted behind the wheel. Many employers depend on background checks to help them get the information they need to make hiring decisions, so it’s essential to know what information is included.

Will a Speeding Ticket Show Up on a Background Check?

Most traffic offenses, including speeding tickets, do not show up on criminal background checks. Minor traffic offenses are usually civil citations and won’t appear on a background check focusing on criminal history. Since a simple traffic ticket is not a criminal offense, you might have to dig further to uncover speeding violations.

When Does A Speeding Citation Appear on a Criminal Background Check?

If a speeding ticket occurs in a state where it’s a criminal charge or if the speeding ticket occurs with other criminal violations in that state (such as reckless driving, street racing, DUIs, or hit-and-runs), it may show up on a criminal background check. These circumstances vary state-to-state, so it’s best to become familiar with your state’s laws regarding driving violations.

What’s the Best Way to Check Driving History?

New York State employers who wish to learn about their candidates’ traffic violations may pay a fee and request driving records from the Department of Motor Vehicles by mail or in person. Under the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), your candidate must sign a release before you may view their motor vehicle report. Driving history reports usually list major and minor violations dating back 7 years, including speeding tickets. However, a recent ticket may not appear on record until the responsibility for the infraction is accepted and the fine is paid.

If you don’t want to spend time filling out forms at the DMV, you can order driving records through a pre-employment screening service. Many screening providers offer services in addition to motor vehicle record searches, including credit reports, criminal record searches, and credential verifications.

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