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Question: Where Can I Run a Background Check in Western New York?

Partnering with a Background Screening Vendor

Your company needs to run a background check in Western New York. So, where should you turn? Here’s why over 600 organizations nationwide would recommend Metrodata Services. Why Metrodata Services Is WNY’s Top Screening Provider Outstanding Customer Service Even when you partner with a screening firm, sometimes you’ll have questions. You may not understand all… Read More »

What Exactly Will a Background Check Tell Me If I Partner with You?

Background Checks in Buffalo New York

Your company has decided to run background checks on your employees in Western New York. That seems like a good plan. However, you may be wondering, “What exactly will a background check tell me?” Usually, the phrase background check is used broadly. While in reality, you’ll receive different information depending on the types of screenings… Read More »