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Question: Where Can I Run a Background Check in Western New York?

Partnering with a Background Screening Vendor

Your company needs to run a background check in Western New York. So, where should you turn? Here’s why over 600 organizations nationwide would recommend Metrodata Services.

Why Metrodata Services Is WNY’s Top Screening Provider

Outstanding Customer Service

Even when you partner with a screening firm, sometimes you’ll have questions. You may not understand all the rules or regulations you need to follow. Or you could be unclear about the information in a report. Fortunately, the professionals at Metrodata Services will be there for you every step of the way.

“Customer service is amazing! They explain in detail what is going on if you have questions.” 

Customizable Packages

Lots of screening providers only offer a handful of screening options. And often, the cheapest packages are too limited while the deluxe packages are over the top. Metrodata Services solves this problem by creating customizable packages for their clients. You choose and pay for ONLY the screening services you require.

“Metrodata has been a great partner to our organization, offering customized services based on our business needs.”

An Easy-to-Use Online Interface

Today, most background check companies use online portals. These portals allow your organization to request and view reports 24/7. As of fall 2021, Metrodata Services upgraded their client interface to the FRS eClipse. This system delivers superior usability, a mobile-friendly experience, multi-factor authentication, and advanced data security. For more information on this exciting rollout, check out Metrodata Services Is Thrilled to Announce FRS eClipse.

Fast Turnaround Times

When you’re hiring, even a brief delay could result in you losing your top-pick candidate. Therefore, a speedy screening process is critical. Of course, done correctly, background checks take time. Nevertheless, your provider should be able to give you a reasonable and accurate deadline. Metrodata Services prides themselves on their efficient turnaround times. And if there does happen to be an unexpected issue, they’ll work to resolve it as quickly as possible.

“Metrodata has always produced quick results for our business. When you’d like to start a new hire asap you don’t ever have to wait for the results more than a couple days.”

A PBSA Accredited Firm

The Professional Background Screening Association or PBSA is a national organization that advances excellence in the screening profession. The PBSA grants accreditation to firms that undergo a rigorous on-site audit every five years. This third-party seal of approval ensures your background checks are both accurate and legal. Basically, it’s an extra layer of protection against risky hiring decisions, due diligence lawsuits, FCRA violations and other compliance issues. Founded in 1997, Metrodata Services offers both PBSA accreditation along with nearly 25 years of industry experience.

“Year after year, Metrodata continues to deliver excellent services. We NEVER have to worry about compliance-related issues.”

Do You Need to Run a Background Check in Western New York?

Metrodata Services would love to provide top-notch service to your company. We offer comprehensive and customizable screening services to businesses in Buffalo, New York and beyond. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your employee screening processes!

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