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How Can Employment Background Screening Help You Hire the Perfect Candidate?

Hiring for your company can be an unenviable task. It often feels more like a guessing game than an organized process.  You’re trying to find someone with the right skills and education, of course, but you also want an employee who fits into your company’s culture. Your business’s reputation, the well-being of your current workers, and your profits can depend on your next hire.

Are you feeling the pressure?

Employment Background Screening can remove much of the stress associated with finding the perfect employee, and it can reduce the risks to your organization that can be part of bringing the wrong worker onboard. Here’s how it works.

It’s a Multi-Faceted Procedure

Pre-employment services in Buffalo typically use the two most common forms of screening: criminal record checks and credit reports. But a more thorough search might also include the following:

  • Driving records
  • Credential verification
  • Education confirmation
  • Identity check
  • Sex offender registry search
  • Drug tests

In some cases, hiring managers may request searches on the terrorist watch list under the Patriot Act. In very rare instances, a lie detector test may be allowed.

Background Screening Verifies Information on the Application and Resume

People aren’t always who they appear to be. Candidates can look perfect on paper, but according to a recent survey, about 58% of companies have found a lie on a candidate’s resume. Some industries–healthcare and transportation to name the two most prominent–have exact licensing requirements that must be verified.

You’ll want to make sure your applicants are not stretching the truth before you make a job offer, and a pre-employment screening is the best way to confirm the information they have provided.

Why Not Just Have Candidates Take a Pre-Employment Test?

While pre-employment tests can be helpful to verify an impressive resume or a candidate who says all the right things during the interview, it doesn’t dig into the records and bring the applicant’s past into the light. A good score on one of these tests should never be the only basis for a hiring decision.

The other problem with tests is validity. Are the tests measuring the right criteria for the open position? And will the tests predict job performance?

Once again, an employment background screening can get you closer to the answers you need to make a proper decision by verifying credentials, confirming education, and checking identity.

Avoid the Bad Apple

Today’s employers don’t have to risk reaching into the barrel of promising candidates and coming out with a bad apple. If they want to hire the nearly perfect employee each time, conducting an employment background screening is an integral part of the best approach.

But, to ensure the screenings are compliant with local and state laws, employers must choose a reputable screening service on whom they can depend.

Need to perform employment background screening in Buffalo?

Metrodata Services Inc. is one of the leading pre-employment screening firms in Buffalo. We are here to ensure that your company is making the best possible hiring decision. Let us help you find that perfect candidate.