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Is Driver Record Monitoring Necessary When Hiring? Or Is A One-Time Test All That’s Needed?

Taking the precautions when hiring makes sense. But, how extensively should your company screen candidates and how frequently? Are ongoing Motor Vehicle Report searches in Buffalo, NY a Driver Record Monitoring in Buffalo New Yorknecessity or an option?

Should Your Company Consider Driver Record Monitoring in Buffalo, NY?

You may wonder if a one-time Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) search is enough or if you should run regular scans. The correct solution depends upon the needs of your organization.

Begin by answering the following questions.

  • Do federal, state or industry regulations require driving record reviews for your employees?
  • Is driving an essential job function for your employees?
  • Do your employees drive or transport others in company-owned vehicles?
  • Do your employees drive personal vehicles as part of their job?
  • Do your employees drive rental vehicles paid for by the company?

If you responded “yes” to any of the questions below, your organization should think about annual, semi-annual, monthly or even continuous driver record monitoring.

And, keep in mind, more driving jobs exist than most people realize. Truck, bus and taxi (or ridesharing) drivers as well as construction workers are obvious examples. However, people may overlook delivery drivers, sales representatives who travel, inspectors, emergency responders, and teachers and day-care workers who provide transportation for children.

Benefits of Driver Record Monitoring

Keep Safety on Ongoing Priority

Perhaps your company runs MVRs annually, bi-annually or even quarterly. This may seem like enough, but even short gaps between screenings can expose your organization to liability. Between snapshots, certifications may expire and/or accidents or traffic violations may occur. Monitoring systems continuously scan an employee’s driving record, so employers can quickly identify and minimize risks. Protect your workers, your customers, your community, your equipment and your organization by exercising due diligence when putting a worker behind the wheel.

Reduce Costs

Accidents are expensive. Property damage, personal injury and legal costs add up. And, this only accounts for monetary losses. Driving incidents can have far-reaching effects on your company’s reputation and on worker morale. Motor Vehicle Report screening can statistically reduce the probability of negative events by holding employees accountable and detecting high-risk behaviors before tragedies occurs. Although it isn’t free, screening is a sound investment; the long-term advantages outweigh the short-term costs.

Benefits of Less Frequent Driving Record Searches

Take Precautions Without Excessive Screening

If your employees use only their own vehicles and seldom drive during working hours, driver record monitoring probably is over the top. One-time tests, on the other hand, can provide valuable information as part of the initial background check. Is the potential candidate responsible? Was the applicant honest about their driving record? Also, remember, even non-driving workers may occasionally need to run a job-related errand. A pre-hire check along with additional scans every few years is a good policy.

Where Should We Start?

If you have more questions about driver record monitoring, Metrodata Services is here to help. Our experts can identify the best solutions for your organization and design a customized screening package based on your needs. Contact Us today to learn more!