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Should You Run a Background Check on a First-Time Candidate Or Recent Graduate?

As a good business practice, your company probably runs pre-employment background screenings in Buffalo, NY. But what about first-time candidates or recent graduates? Is there anything worth checking?

The answer is YES, and here’s why.

Entry-Level Employees Need to Be Qualified Too

Background checking a first-time candidate can be more important than screening a seasoned employee. Why? While a veteran worker has both experience and education to fall back on, a recent graduate has only their education. If your untested employee doesn’t have the exact credentials they claim to have, this could spell trouble for your company. And, according to a recent survey, “embellishing skills or capabilities” is one of the most common resume lies. By using basic screening services, like academic verification and professional license verifications, you can ensure all your employees have the training and qualifications your organization requires.

A Little Bit of Information Can Go a Long Way

Recent graduates may have a short work history, a limited credit report, and a minimal driving record. Plus, since some states seal juvenile records, you may not be able to see criminal activity from before the age of 18. So, what can you learn? Well, sometimes, no news is good news. If your young applicant has a clean background check, this shows they have been responsible so far. Employment verifications, while limited, may be useful as well. Following up with supervisors, even from part-time jobs and/or internships can provide a wealth of knowledge about your candidate’s work ethic, attitude, and level of professionalism.

Unequal Background Checks Could Be Considered Discriminatory

According to the United State’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, before conducting a background investigation, you must make sure you are treating everyone equally. You cannot decide to screen a person based on their race, national origin, color, sex, religion, disability, genetic information or age. In other words, if you background check older workers but not younger entry-level employees, this could be an age discrimination violation of the EEOC. If you don’t know what you legally can and can’t do, contact an accredited background screening provider. Their specialists can help you successfully understand and follow any federal, state and local laws.

Are You Looking for More Background Screening Advice?

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