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Can a Background Check Predict Someone’s Future Behaviors?

Using Background Checks to Determine Future Behavior

Wouldn’t it be great if you could gaze into a crystal ball during the hiring process? Before you added anyone to your team, you would KNOW how well or how poorly they would eventually perform. Unfortunately, life isn’t that simple. However, running background checks in Buffalo, NY can give you part of the answer.

What Can Background Checks Predict?

Sometimes, past behavior does predict future performance. In other words, an employee with a good track record is probably more likely to continue this trend. As a result, background checks can help you learn more about a person’s…

  • Character
    The lack of a criminal record shows a person has been a law-abiding citizen. They have a history of following the rules. Motor vehicle records provide similar insights.
  • Accountability
    Someone with a clean criminal record and strong credit report demonstrates a level of responsibility. They have proved they can successfully manage their everyday life. Whereas someone who struggles with personal affairs may struggle with their work commitments as well.
  • Work Ethic
    Reference checks offer clues as to how an individual performed at previous jobs. A candidate who receives glowing reviews from past employers probably will continue to do well.

What Can’t Background Checks Predict?

Obviously, background checks won’t allow you to see into the future with 100 percent certainly. Even the most accurate and up-to-date screening information isn’t a guarantee. Background checks aren’t as effective at predicting…

  • Shifts in Behavior
    Shifts in behavior could be either negative or positive. A candidate with a perfect background check unexpectedly may go down a bad road, while a candidate with a less than stellar screening report may become one of your most valuable employees. Therefore, when evaluating background checks, it’s important to remember people and circumstances DO change.
  • On-the-Job Success Rate
    Someone may pass a background check with flying colors. But if they aren’t qualified for the position or if they aren’t a good culture fit, they won’t be a successful member of your team. Thus, background checks should be just one piece of the hiring puzzle.

Is Running a Background Check Worth It?

Although background checks aren’t a perfect predictive measure, they can help to ensure the person you think you are hiring IS the person you are adding to your team. There’s always a possibility a well-qualified candidate who gives an amazing interview performance is hiding a less than reputable past. And bad hires will cost your company money. Investing in a simple background check keeps your employees, your business and your customers safer… even without that crystal ball.

Is Your Company Interested in Conducting Background Checks in Buffalo, NY?

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