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Fun Things to Do During a Buffalo Winter (While Maintaining Social Distance)

Skiing in Buffalo NY | Buffalo Social Distance Winter Activities

It looks like COVID restrictions will persist throughout the next few months. This presents a challenge for those of us who live in colder climates. Don’t worry Western New York, we’ve got this.

Five Fun Things to do During a Buffalo Winter (While Maintaining Social Distance)


Most local ski resorts plan to remain open this winter with safety measures in place. These include Holiday Valley, Holimont, Kissing Bridge and Peek’n Peak. With so many other activities canceled, this is a fantastic time to take full advantage of Western New York’s slopes. And if you’re not a skier, this could be the year to learn. All the resorts provide lessons!

Throw a Snow Party

If you can’t have a party in your house, bundle up and go outside. Adults can warm up around an outdoor fireplace or bonfire pit, while the kids have a snowman or igloo building contest. And, of course, don’t forget the hot cocoa and cookies. They’ll taste delicious outside.

Go for a Hike

Winter can be a beautiful, and often overlooked, opportunity for hiking. The beloved eternal flame at Chestnut Ridge State Park burns even in the cold. Buckhorn Island State Park, Knox Farm State Park, Letchworth State Park, Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve and Tifft Nature Preserve also offer year-round trails.

Visit Niagara Falls

You’ve probably been to Niagara Falls. But… have you been there in the winter? Between ice-coated trees and the so-called frozen falls, colder temperatures turn Niagara Falls State Park into a magical winter wonderland. Stroll Goat Island and watch for wildlife. Borrow a pair of snowshoes at the Cave of the Winds Pavilion. Or relive history at Old Fort Niagara. Although visitor centers may be closed depending on current restrictions, outdoor activities should be available. Just be sure to check the appropriate websites before starting out on your adventure.

Have a Takeout/Movie Night

With restaurants and theaters closed, open, then closed again, it’s been almost impossible to catch dinner and a show. So, bring the food and entertainment to your living room instead. Many restaurants have online ordering, curbside pickup and/or delivery. Then, simply load your DVD player or streaming service and enjoy a relaxing evening at home.

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