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Looking Back on 2020: A Look Back at Our Best Blog Articles

Background Screening Resources

Is your company thinking about running background checks in Buffalo, NY? Could you use some advice? Metrodata Services can help! Here’s a look back at our best blog articles from 2020.

Can I Run A Background Check on A Current Employee?

Many companies conduct background screenings as part of their hiring process. But… what if you want to check on current employees? Is this possible? The answer is YES! Your organization has the right to screen both new hires AND current workers. There are several reasons for post-hire screening. For example, some businesses require employees to have an up-to-date background check before a promotion. Others, like trucking companies, use ongoing monitoring to watch for potential problems. However, before running background checks on anyone, make sure your organization’s process complies with local, state and federal laws.

How Do I Pull A Potential Hire’s Driving Record in Buffalo, NY?

If you’re running a background check on a potential hire, you may wish to examine their driving record.  So, how do you pull a motor vehicle report in Buffalo, NY? Basically, you have two options. First, you could do it yourself. Submit a request by mail using the Request for DMV Records (MV-15) or in-person at your local DMV using the Request for Driving Record Information (MV-15C). As a second option, let a pre-employment screening service do the work for you. Even though the do-it-yourself method tends to be cheaper, it’s also more time consuming and prone to error.

Should You Check If A Potential Hire Is on The Sex Offender Registry?

Although sex offender registry checks aren’t required in every industry, including them in a background check is a smart policy. Your company will be exercising due diligence and, as a result, keeping everyone safer. Passed in 1994, Megan’s Law allows anyone to search their state’s Public Registry of Sex Offenders. Yet, proceed with caution. Many states, including New York, restrict the use of the state’s sex offender registry for employment purposes. To receive the best advice, consult your attorney and/or partner with a reputable background screening provider.

What Consent Do I Need to Run A Background Check on A Candidate?

When your organization runs an employee background check on a candidate, you usually need their permission and their signature. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), companies must notify candidates/employees with a stand-alone written document before requesting consumer information from a third-party. Third parties include not only credit bureaus (as the name suggests) but also screening providers, consumer reporting agencies and online vendors. Also, keep in mind, the FCRA is a federal law. States, counties and/or industries may have additional regulations. If this seems overwhelming, contact a PBSA accredited background screening firm. They will be able to walk you through the process.

Is Your Company Looking for a Background Screening Partner in 2021?

Metrodata Services is Western New York’s leading pre-employment screening service. Our professionals can advise you on everything from driver record monitoring to FCRA pre/post adverse action letters.  Learn more about all the employment screening services we provide today!

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