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Setting Hiring Goals for 2021? Consider These Reasons to Partner with a Background Screening Vendor

When your company is setting hiring goals for 2021, background checks could be on the list. Maybe you’re worried about compliance issues, screening standards, or even cost? If any of these reasons ring true, here’s why you should consider partnering with a background screening vendor.

Top Reasons to Partner with a Background Screening Vendor

Reduce Risk

Someone with an undisclosed criminal record can do substantial damage to your business. They could steal from you or your customers, harm someone or cause a drug or alcohol-related accident. And the problems don’t end there. If your organization should have known about these threats, you may face a negligent hiring lawsuit. Minimize your company’s risk by running the proper background checks through an accredited screening firm.

Hire the Best People

When you bring someone into your organization, you’d like to assume they’ve been honest during the hiring process. So, is this true? According to a recent survey, 78% of candidates admitted they did or would consider misrepresenting themselves on their application. Without proper precautions, you may end up not only with a dishonest employee but also with one who’s not qualified. A background screening provider can ensure your people have the exact skill set they claim to have.

Design an Effective Screening Program

So, what types of background checks should you run? Criminal record searches? Sex offender registry searches? Employment verifications? Credit reports? Driver Record Monitoring? The right screening provider can help you design a strategy that makes the most sense for your business. Many vendors even offer specialized packages, so you only pay for what you need.

Stay Compliant

Compliance issues include everything from filing I-9 forms to following the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Not to mention, there’s a jumble of state and local laws. Certainly, it’s a daunting task to keep on top of all the rules and regulations. Fortunately, this is a background screening vendor’s job. They’ll handle the paperwork, so you can focus on hiring the right people.

Enjoy Ongoing Support

If you don’t understand a potential hire’s background check report, a screening provider will clarify the results. Or, if you’re interested in exploring new background screening trends, a screening vendor can offer support and advice. When you partner with a trusted background check company, you’re not alone. You’re working together to create the best possible vetting process for your business.

Are You Looking for a Background Screening Vendor in Buffalo, NY?

Metrodata Services is Western New York’s leading pre-employment screening service. We offer pre-employment background checks, electronic I-9 processing, and more. Plus, we’d be happy to develop a customized program to meet your organization’s needs specifically. Learn more about partnering with Metrodata Services today!

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