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How Can You Be Sure Your Background Screening Vendor Isn’t Putting Your Company at Risk?

Your company knows background checks are complicated, so you decide to outsource the process to a third-party provider. Now, you have nothing to worry about. Or do you? Here’s how you can make sure your background screening vendor isn’t putting your organization at risk.

Tips for Hiring a Non-Risky Background Screening Vendor

Look for PBSA Accreditation

The Professional Background Screening Association or PBSA accreditation holds screening providers accountable to industry standards’ highest level. So, why does this matter? A negligent hiring or compliance lawsuit could cost your organization millions of dollars. And this is true regardless of whether you were working through a third-party provider. For example, over the last decade, both employers AND background check companies have paid over $325 million for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act. (CBS News, 2019) To receive PBS accreditation, vendors must undergo a rigorous audit every five years. This helps to ensure they are staying current with ever-changing regulations and offering the most comprehensive services.

Thoroughly Explain Your Business’s Needs

Background checks shouldn’t be one size fits all. The type of screening your organization needs depends on numerous factors, including your location, employees’ locations, industry, and more. For instance, local ban-the-box law may apply if either your business OR a remote employee resides in a certain city or state. In addition, some industries, such as transportation, education, and healthcare, require specific screening standards. Therefore, it’s important to give your background check provider a complete outline of your company and your employees. This way, you can work together to formulate the best plan.

Evaluate Their Technology

Even if you’ve specifically clarified what your background checks should include, an unfiltered electronic report could incorporate too much data. Let’s say your state restricts the reporting of criminal felonies to seven years. However, a background check you receive on a candidate accidentally showed a criminal felony ten years ago. Technically, you can’t use this information. But now that you’ve seen it, you may make a biased hiring decision or face a discrimination lawsuit. Thus, before you hire a screening vendor, carefully investigate the effectiveness of their technology systems. Electronic portals should integrate with existing HR systems, have strong filtering capabilities, and allow for real-time reporting. Data security and ease-of-use are other crucial issues to consider.

Are You Looking for a Highly-Rated Background Screening Vendor in Western New York?

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