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Why Your Organization Can’t Afford to Shortcut Your Next Pre-Employment Background Check

Don't Shortcut Your Background Screening Process | Metrodata Services

You’re hiring and you’re in a hurry. So, do you need to take the time to screen your newest employee? The answer is YES! Here’s why your organization can’t afford to shortcut your next pre-employment background check.

Top Reasons NOT to Shortcut Pre-Employment Background Checks

  • You Could Make a Bad Hire

    Hiring the wrong person can be extremely expensive. Let’s say you realize you made a mistake and let the person go within a few weeks. Now, you need to start the recruiting/hiring process all over again which means extra recruiting costs and additional downtime. And that’s a best-case scenario. A bad hire you don’t immediately identify may mishandle projects, leak company secrets or chase away current employees. And this, in turn, contributes to reduced productivity, lower morale and higher turnover.

  • You Could Be a Victim of Theft

    According to a recent report, employee theft costs U.S. businesses over $50 billion each year. Crimes range from top executives embezzling funds to maintenance workers stealing inventory. Therefore, it’s important to appropriately vet employees across your company.

  • You Could Face a Lawsuit

    Businesses have an ethical responsibility to practice due diligence in hiring. Thus, you need to be aware the potential risk factors of the people on your team. Failure to take this task seriously may result in a negligent hiring claim. If someone is harmed by an on-the-job employee, your organization will be held liable if you knew or should have known there was a threat.

  • You Could Hurt You Company’s Reputation

    Even if skipping a background check doesn’t lead to a negligent hiring claim, it still can create an embarrassing situation. Criminal behavior, theft and preventable accidents make your business look bad. And when these stories spread (or hit the headlines) people will question the overall reliability of your organization.

  • You Could Contribute to a Tragedy

    What if… a worker with a criminal record assaults a customer or a coworker? An employee is involved in a fatal workplace accident while under the influence of drugs? Or an on-the-job trucker with a bad driving record causes a pileup? These scenarios are particularly unsettling because they could have been avoided. By following proper screening procedures, your company has the opportunity to catch and address problems before they turn into terrible tragedies.

Are You Ready to Run a Thorough Pre-Employment Background Check?

Metrodata Services is here to help! As Western New York’s leading pre-employment screening provide, we offer a variety of services ranging from criminal records searches to drug testing. Start making the best-possible hiring decisions. Give us a call today!

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