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3 Reasons to SLOW Down Your Hiring Process – Even if You Need to Hire NOW

When you have an open job at your organization, it can sometimes feel like speed is the most important thing. Getting that role filled fast means you won’t get behind on work deadlines, your team won’t be disrupted, and your clients will remain pleased. And while that’s all true, there’s also something to be said for taking a step back – because sometimes, slowing down your hiring process is the better solution in the long-term. Here’s why: 

#1: You’ll have more time to evaluate candidates.

If you hire someone very quickly, it means you can get work done faster. But it also leaves the possibility that you didn’t find the ideal candidate for the position. Rather than be left wondering if you hired the perfect person for an open role, be certain. Don’t be afraid to slow down your hiring process and take your time evaluating candidates, checking references, exploring work history, and testing skills. This ensures that the work you need done doesn’t just get accomplished quickly but correctly.  

#2: You’ll reduce the risk of a bad hire.

Data shows that the cost of a bad hire is upwards of 30% of that individual’s expected first-year earnings. So, if you hire someone at a salary of $70,000, your company could be out more than $20,000. That’s a cost you don’t want to incur if you don’t have to. And slowing down your hiring and taking the time to screen and vet the candidates you’re considering carefully is the best – and sometimes only – way to avoid it. 

#3: You’ll avoid surprises.

When you prioritize speed above all else in your hiring process, the chances for things getting missed goes up. And it’s not just about skills, work experience, or personality characteristics. If you didn’t do your due diligence in terms of background screening, there’s always the possibility that you’ll be surprised down the line. Giving yourself ample time to find the right candidate – and vet and screen them properly – is always a wise choice.  

Make Sure Your Candidates Are Properly Screened 

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