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Understanding Civil Background Checks and Why You Should Conduct Them When Hiring

If you’re hiring in Buffalo, NY, you probably realize pre-screening your employees is a smart idea. So, what types of record checks should you run? Criminal background checks? Civil background checks? Or both? Here’s what you need to know. Understanding Civil Background Checks What’s the Difference Between a Civil and Criminal Background Check? Criminal background… Read More »

How Far Back Should a Background Check Go? And Is Yours Thorough Enough?

Your company is running a background check in Buffalo, NY. Since you’re hoping to bring the best people into your organization, you want to make sure your process is thorough. So, how deep into your employees’ history should you look? How Far Back Should a Background Check Go? Although background checks typically extend back 7… Read More »

How Can You Be Sure Your Background Screening Vendor Isn’t Putting Your Company at Risk?

Your company knows background checks are complicated, so you decide to outsource the process to a third-party provider. Now, you have nothing to worry about. Or do you? Here’s how you can make sure your background screening vendor isn’t putting your organization at risk. Tips for Hiring a Non-Risky Background Screening Vendor Look for PBSA… Read More »

Setting Hiring Goals for 2021? Consider These Reasons to Partner with a Background Screening Vendor

When your company is setting hiring goals for 2021, background checks could be on the list. Maybe you’re worried about compliance issues, screening standards, or even cost? If any of these reasons ring true, here’s why you should consider partnering with a background screening vendor. Top Reasons to Partner with a Background Screening Vendor Reduce… Read More »

Pre-Employment Screening Trends to Be Mindful of in 2021

2021 Pre-Employment Screening Trends | Metrodata Services Inc.

Your company is looking to hire in 2021. You want to bring the best people onto your team. Therefore, you know background checks are necessary. So, what pre-employment screening trends should you be mindful of before beginning the process? Top Pre-Employment Screening Trends in 2021 FCRA Lawsuits Throughout the last decade, class-action lawsuits claiming violations… Read More »

What Steps Should You Take Before Conducting a Background Check on a Potential Hire?

Conducting Background Checks in Western New York | Metrodata Services

You’re in the process of adding a new employee to your team in WNY, but first, you need to screen them. So, what steps should you take before conducting a background check on a potential hire? Here’s a brief overview. Before Conducting a Background Check, You Should… Have a Policy in Place Without a company-wide… Read More »

Should You Conduct Continuous Background Screening Checks on Your Employees?

Conducting Continuous Background Checks in Western New York | Metrodata Services

Your company recognizes the importance of running background screenings in Western New York. So, is a one-time or an annual check enough? Or should you conduct continuous background screening checks on your employees? What Is Continuous Background Screening? Continuous background screening monitors employee records in real-time to flag any threats or safety concerns. This differs… Read More »

Looking Back on 2020: A Look Back at Our Best Blog Articles

Background Screening Resources

Is your company thinking about running background checks in Buffalo, NY? Could you use some advice? Metrodata Services can help! Here’s a look back at our best blog articles from 2020. Can I Run A Background Check on A Current Employee? Many companies conduct background screenings as part of their hiring process. But… what if… Read More »

Fun Things to Do During a Buffalo Winter (While Maintaining Social Distance)

Skiing in Buffalo NY | Buffalo Social Distance Winter Activities

It looks like COVID restrictions will persist throughout the next few months. This presents a challenge for those of us who live in colder climates. Don’t worry Western New York, we’ve got this. Five Fun Things to do During a Buffalo Winter (While Maintaining Social Distance) Ski Most local ski resorts plan to remain open… Read More »

How Frequently Should You Conduct Drug Screening Tests?

Conduct Drug Screening Tests in Buffalo New York

You want to keep your business and your workforce safe. And you realize routine drug screening discourages employees from reporting to work under the influence. So, how frequently should you run those drug screening tests? Factors to Consider When Setting the Frequency of Drug Screening Tests A Nationwide Increase in Positive Drug Tests Quest Diagnostics… Read More »