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Is a Background Check Company in Buffalo New York Worth the Cost?

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If your organization is thinking about partnering with a background check company in Buffalo, NY, you may wonder if it’s worth the price tag. After all, hiring a screening provider costs money. But, have you considered what could happen if you don’t? 

What If You Make a Bad Hire?

Potential Cost: $240,000
According to recent estimates, finding and hiring a new employee can cost more than a quarter of a million dollars. This includes recruitment and advertising fees, staff hours needed to conduct interviews, and relocation and onboarding costs. (SHRM, 2017) And if you hired the wrong person, the price just jumped again. You bad hire could lower morale, cause you to lose customers and negatively impact your brand. Plus, in a worst-case scenario, you also may face litigation fees. A background screening company can minimize your risk. Services such as professional license, academic, and employment verifications will help you make sure the person you are hiring is the same person they claim to be. 

What If You Fail to Comply with Federal, State, and Local Laws?

Potential Cost: $5,000,000
In 2018, Amazon resolved claims it violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act with a $5 million settlementThe lead plaintiff said Amazon denied him a job based on the contents of a background report he never saw. (CBS News, 2019) The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires all businesses to follow pre-adverse and adverse action processes before making final hiring decisions based on screening results. Is your organization staying on top of all the federalstate and local background check legislationAn employment screening service will assist you in successfully navigating all the rules and regulations. To ensure you are working with a high-quality provider, look for companies with a seal of approval from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) 

What You If You Don’t Exercise Due Diligence?

Potential Cost: $7,000,000
Businesses have a moral and legal responsibility to keep their employees, their customers and the public safe. Negligent hiring claims not only damage an organization’s reputation but also can result in multimillion-dollar lawsuits. For example, in 2008, an Arkansas Federal Court awarded $7 million in damages to a traffic accident victim’s familyThe deadly crash was caused by a timber company driver who had received two license revocations. Unfortunately, the company didn’t bother to run the appropriate background checks and was unaware of his dangerous driving record. A screening provider can recommend and provide all the necessary services including criminal record searches, motor vehicle record searches, sex offender registry searches, and credit reports.       

Would It Be Your Company’s Best Interest to Partner with a Top Background Check Provider? 

At Metrodata Services Inc., we go to great lengths provide high quality, affordable background screening solutions for over 600 organizations nationwide. Our expert staff would be happy to discuss available services as well as customizable packagesContact us today for a free quote! 

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