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Can I Run a Background Check on a Current Employee?

Many companies in Buffalo, NY conduct background screenings as part of their hiring process. However, sometimes organizations want to run background checks on current employees too. Is this possible?

The answer is YES! Companies have the right to screen both new hires AND current workers, but they must follow the rules.

Here’s a brief overview of the background check process for current employees.

Why Would I Want to Run a Background Check on a Current Employee?

There are several reasons a business may decide to run post-hire screenings. These include:

  • Ongoing Monitoring – One-time background checks can be problematic. Many employees remain with an organization for five, ten or even forty years, and lots can happen during that time. Plus, it’s easier than you might think for workers to hide arrests, court dates and convictions. Ongoing screening options, like continuous criminal record monitoring and driver record monitoring, can alert businesses to potential problems throughout a worker’s tenure.
  • Catch-up Screenings – Policies change. Therefore, a company may decide to put a new or more rigorous screening program into place. If they want this to apply to everyone, they will need to check current workers as well as new hires.
  • Internal Hiring – When a current employee is moving to a new position, many organizations chose to screen them as if they were a new hire. This especially is important when jobs involve more responsibility. For example, a company may run a credit report check on someone who now will be handling business finances.

How Do I Run a Background Check on a Current Employee?

  • Clarify Your Policy – Many organizations worry, and rightfully so, that current employees may bristle at the idea of background screening. And although “Why are you checking me now?” and “Don’t you trust me?” are fair questions, your company probably began a screening program to keep everyone safer. Instead of abruptly announcing this change, carefully explain the new policy to your staff. Tell people 1) Why you have decided to implement more comprehensive screenings, 2) What types of background checks you will be running and 3) How often these screenings will take place. Clarifying the purpose and the process can make background checks less stressful for everyone.
  • Follow the Rules – According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), background checks fall under the definition of consumer reports. As a result, your organization MUST receive a worker’s permission before requesting information from a third-party vendor such as a background screening provider or online service. These regulations apply to ALL background checks whether they are for new hires or for current employees. A PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) provider will assist you with this process and ensure your business remains compliant with all federal, state and local regulations.

Is Your Company Interested in Running Background Checks on Current Employees?

As WNY’s leading screening provider, Metrodata Services runs both pre- and post-employment background checks in Buffalo, NY and beyond. Our staff would be happy to help you to develop a program to best fit your organization’s needs. View our complete range of screening services today!

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