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Do Truck Drivers Require Different Background Checks Than Warehouse Workers?

Pre-Employment Screening for Truck Drivers

If you’re hiring for a factory, storage facility or distribution center in Western New York, you probably recognize the importance of pre-employment screening. So, should you screen all employees the same? Or do truck drivers require different background checks than warehouse workers?

Although there are some standard screening procedures, different background checks are appropriate for different jobs. For example, it makes sense to run a motor vehicle record search on a truck driver, but this might be more information than you need for a warehouse worker. Here’s a brief overview of required and recommended screenings for the two positions.

What Background Checks Do Truck Drivers Need?

For truck drivers, pre-employment screening is the law! The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires companies to complete specific background check procedures on potential drivers. These screenings include:

  • Criminal Record Searches
  • Sex Offender Registry Searches
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening (according to the DOT drug panel)
  • Motor Vehicle Record Searches
  • License Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • A Physical Health Exam

To ensure nationwide standards, FMCSA asks employers to look not only at records in the state where the driver will be employed, but also at every state an applicant has been licensed in within the last three years. These measures may seem excessive. However, an unqualified or reckless truck driver is a threat to everyone on the road.

What Background Checks Do Warehouse Workers Need?

Pre-employment screening is less regulated for warehouse workers. There are no federal laws, but your state, region or industry may have some rules in place. Depending on the situation, you could choose to run the following:



The recommended screenings will help protect your workplace from violence, criminal activity, theft and accidents, while the optional checks could give you greater insight into your a worker’s character and ability to do the job.

Could You Simply Run the Same Background Checks on Everyone?

Certainly, this is an option. Yet, as mentioned before, you may end up paying for screenings you don’t need.  For instance, academic verification may not be necessary unless the position requires a degree. However, keep in mind, you MUST conduct the same types of background checks for similar roles. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, “It’s illegal to check the background of applicants and employees when that decision is based on a person’s race, national origin, color, sex, religion, disability, genetic information (including family medical history), or age (40 or older).” In other words, you could have different screening policies for truck driver versus warehouse works, but you could NOT have different screening policies for female truck drivers versus male truck drivers.

Are You Looking for More Advice on Pre-Employment Screening in Western New York?

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