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Why Should I Sign Up with An Advanced Background Screening Organization?

Advanced Background Screening Services

When your business is running a background check, you want the most complete and up-to-date information. In other words, basic screening may not be enough. Here’s why signing up with an advanced background screening organization is the better option.

What Is Basic Background Screening?

Basic background screening uses a limited number of sources to identify common problems. Basic background checks usually include identity verification, a national criminal database check, and a national sex offender search. Although basic screening is cheaper and faster, you may receive inaccurate information.

What Is an Advanced Background Screening?

An advanced background screening involves a comprehensive search based on extensive resources. For example, rather than only looking at the national criminal database, an advanced background check also examines federal, state, and county records. Other information may include motor vehicle record searches, credit reports, academic verification, employment verification, and drug screening. Certainly, advanced screening is more expensive and time-consuming, but you’re more likely to uncover problems.

Why Is an Advanced Background Screening Better Than a Basic One?

It’s tempting to take the basic background check shortcut. Unfortunately, this decision could get your company into trouble. Here are three reasons why advanced background screening is a smarter choice.

Make the Best-Possible Hiring Decisions

Sometimes basic background checks miss crucial information. For instance, if a local courthouse hasn’t digitized their records, someone’s criminal record may not appear in the national database. So your potential employee could have a burglary conviction in county court… and you’ll have no idea. Obviously, this could be a problem.

Keep Your Business Compliant

Whichever type of background screening you choose, be sure your provider follows all federal, state, and local regulations. Recently, several companies, including Amazon, Target, and Wells Fargo, faced lawsuits for failing to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. (CBS News, 2019) An advanced screening provider will help you stay on top of all the rules.

Receive Ongoing Support

An advanced background screening organization won’t hand you a report and disappear. They will be there to offer advice and support from start to finish. If you’re having trouble understanding the results, they’ll be able to explain the technicalities. Or, if you decide not to hire someone based on the information you’ve uncovered, they’ll be able to walk you through the FCRA’s Pre-adverse and Adverse Action Process.

How Do I Find a Top-Notch Advanced Background Screening Provider?

Start by looking for an organization accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). To earn this seal of approval, screening providers must go through a rigorous process every five years. So, you’ll know you’re only working with the best.

Are You Searching for an Advanced Background Screening Organization in Buffalo, NY?

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