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Should You Conduct Continuous Background Screening Checks on Your Employees?

Conducting Continuous Background Checks in Western New York | Metrodata Services

Your company recognizes the importance of running background screenings in Western New York. So, is a one-time or an annual check enough? Or should you conduct continuous background screening checks on your employees?

What Is Continuous Background Screening?

Continuous background screening monitors employee records in real-time to flag any threats or safety concerns. This differs from both pre-employment screening and annual background checks. Pre-employment screenings only take place during the hiring process. This means an employee could be checked once and never again. Annual or semi-annual screenings, while more frequent, are scheduled. Employees have an idea of when they will happen. Continuous checks, on the other hand, are constant and ongoing. As a result, a company could find out about a delivery driver’s recent DWI within days of the event. This kind of screening is a relatively recent advancement made possible by digital records, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.

Pros of Continuous Background Screening

  • You’ll Learn About Problems Faster
    Even if your organization runs annual checks, an employee may keep a criminal charge hidden for close to a year. This especially could be dangerous for certain occupations and positions. Examples include drivers, teachers, health care workers and financial professionals.
  • Employees May Be More Forthcoming
    With the right approach, a continuous background screening program should encourage open communication between you and your staff. When people recognize you will discover problems sooner rather than later, they may decide to come to your first. This could create more transparent relationships where, instead of keeping secrets, you and your employees work through issues together.

Cons of Continuous Background Screening

  • It May Not Be Accurate
    Since continuous screening primarily is based on digital results, there is a good chance it won’t catch everything. For instance, some courts only keep paper records. Thus, many organizations choose to run both continuous screening and more thorough annual background checks.
  • You Need to Pay Attention to Compliance Issues
    Like pre-employment background checks, continuous screening must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as well as other laws. Plus, a single consent form may not be sufficient. Some states have argued authorization should be obtained each time a background check is performed. (SHRM, 2018)
  • It Could Erode Employee Trust
    Finally, constantly checking on your employees may make them feel as though you don’t trust them. Privacy issues are another concern. Therefore, if you genuinely believe continuous screening is in your company’s best interest, you’ll need to sell the benefits.

Should Your Company Run Continuous Background Screening Checks?

The correct answer truly depends on your organization. If you own a small, local business, and you know most of your employees personally, continuous screening probably is excessive. However, for a large, multi-national corporation like Uber, continuous screenings are in everyone’s best interest.

Does Your Organization Need Help with Background Screening?

If you’re not sure what type of background screening program makes sense for your business, Metrodata Services can help. As WNY’s leading background check provider, we’ll work with you to develop a customized and effective screening strategy. Contact us today to learn more!

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