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3 Reasons to Partner with Metrodata Services for Your Pre-Employment Screening

Reasons to Partner with Metrodata Services for Your Pre-Employment Screening

Your company would like to run a pre-employment screening in Buffalo and Western New York. So, what’s the best option? Here are three reasons to partner with Metrodata Services

Why Partner with Metrodata Services for Pre-Employment Screening?

Make Informed Hiring Decisions

Unless you’re hiring a friend or family member, you’re inviting a stranger to join your business. As a result, you may not know if your new hire is the person they claim to be. And unfortunately, people WILL lie on their resume and application materials. In fact, according to a recent survey, 78% of candidates admitted they did or would consider misrepresenting themselves. Neglecting to background check could potentially lead to the following scenarios:

  • A teacher who is on the sex offender registry
  • A nurse without the required degree
  • A truck driver with a recent DWI

Of course, any of these situations puts your business, employees, customers, and the public at risk. Fortunately, Metrodata Services offers pre-employment screening solutions ranging from criminal record searches to academic verification to motor vehicle records searches. Properly vetting your candidates gives you an added layer of protection. You have a better idea of exactly whom you’re adding to your team.

Stay Compliant with Federal, State, and Local Laws

Although it’s easy to find fast and free background checks on the internet, these aren’t appropriate for businesses. When organizations screen candidates through a third-party provider, they must adhere to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Failure to do so has cost big-name companies, including Amazon, millions of dollars in lawsuits during the past decade. Plus, the FCRA is only one law. Many states, counties, and even cities regulate lookback times, drug testing, and more. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Once again, Metrodata Services can help. As a Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) accredited provider, Metrodata represents the highest standards in the screening industry. Our expert staff will make sure your organization follows ALL the rules and proper procedures, so you’re 100% compliant.

Support a Local Business

Founded in 1997, Metrodata Services currently runs background checks for over 600 organizations nationwide. And they’re located right in downtown Buffalo, NY. Over the years, Metrodata has become an integral part of the local community too. In 2020, they earned a FastTrack Award as one of the fastest-growing companies in Western New York. In addition, they played a vital role in the pandemic response. Even though Metrodata’s staff had to work from home during COVID lockdowns, they never stopped delivering screening services for essential businesses.

Is Your Organization Looking for Pre-Employment Screening Services in Western New York?

Metrodata Services would be happy to partner with your company. As Western New York’s leading background check provider, we work with schools, medical facilities, financial institutions, and many other organizations. Contact us today to discover how Metrodata can benefit your business!

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