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Data Shows Employers Want Tech-Savvy Candidates for Non-Technical Roles

A word of caution to anyone considering an educational path that traditionally has not required technical skills: Many employers have begun to demand those skills for even the most non-technical jobs, and candidates who thought those skill-sets were reserved for the IT people will face daunting competition from those who have acquired computer-science training. According… Read More »

Evaluating the Cost of Making the Wrong Hire in Buffalo, NY

It’s hard to put an exact figure on the cost of firing the wrong candidate in Buffalo, NY. Recent surveys conducted among hiring managers and HR professionals across the country indicate that companies are losing between $15,000 and $17,000 on each bad hire. Whatever that actual figure turns out to be, everyone in the hiring… Read More »

Mitigating Hiring Risk: After Interviewing a Candidate, What 3 Steps Should you take?

You have just finished an interview with a candidate who seems perfect for the position. The individual had obviously researched the company and practiced answers to the typical interview questions, so they arrived well-prepared. Their resume and cover letter indicated that they had the necessary skills and experience to fill the job. And they made… Read More »

Is Your Criminal Background Check Process Compliant with 2018 Standards?

Many of today’s companies are doing a Criminal Background Check before making a final decision on personnel issues such as hiring, promotions, and reassignment. It’s not unusual for an employer to want to know about a candidate’s criminal record, work history, education, and, depending on the position, a financial history. Similarly, before a company promotes… Read More »

Form Management in 2018 – Are Your Employment Forms Current? Success and Legal Responsibility in 2018

Change seems to be constant with employment screening services and the rules that govern them. As you prepare for a new year, it would be a good idea to include looking at your compliance forms to make sure you are following proper legal procedure. Are your forms up-to-date? Do they have the legally required wording?… Read More »

How Can Employment Background Screening Help You Hire a Qualified Candidate?

Hiring for your company can be an unenviable task. It often feels more like a crapshoot than an organized process.  You’re trying to find someone with the right skills and education, of course, but you also want an employee who fits into your company’s culture. Your business’s reputation, the well-being of your current workers, and… Read More »

Using E-Verify to Evaluate if an Employee is Eligible to Work in the United States

Needless to say that illegal immigration has been a big part of the news lately. So, it stands to reason that employment screening services have become even more important in the hiring process. United States law requires companies to hire and employ only those who may legally work in this country, and that includes U.S. and foreign… Read More »

Is Drug Testing Candidates When Hiring Still Acceptable in NY State? And Should Your Company Do It?

There are a growing number employers who are requesting Drug Screening in Buffalo, NY for both employees and candidates. This request (or requirement) is legal as there are no New York state laws that explicitly forbid pre-employment screening. There are, however, certain jobs in the state that require mandatory drug testing: Anyone who will be working as… Read More »

A Look into Motor Vehicle Record Services and the Importance of Continuous Driver Monitoring

It almost goes without saying that your company should conduct a driving record check for any candidate who will be driving a company vehicle. After all, you assume all liability for drivers who operate equipment for business purposes. If you want to mitigate your risk, checking a candidate’s driving record is an essential step. Personal… Read More »

Metrodata Services Set to Attend PA and NY SHRM Conferences

This month, Metrodata Services Inc., WNY’s leading pre-employment screening service, will be attending the Pennsylvania State Council of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2017 State Conference and New York State Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2017 State Conferences. These conferences will further position Metrodata Services employees as experts in the employee background… Read More »